IMET Corporation

Robotic Cat Steals the Show at IMET'S Trade Exhibit Booth


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Exhibitors at trade shows go out of their way to make their products stand out and rise above competition. One company that goes more than a step beyond in achieving that goal is IMET Corporation of Southampton, PA. IMET’s booth showcases many products that underscore its versatility as a contract manufacturer and its expertise as an electronics product development specialist. But one item that says it best is -- of all things -- a white robotic cat that when petted, will purr, meow, wag its tail, open and close its eyes – or even do an occasional rollover.

“Robo” is a hit not only because she (or he) is adorable and smart, but also serves as a memorable mascot that instantly emphasizes IMET’s capabilities in product design and development. In fact, numerous show attendees visit the IMET exhibit just for the opportunity of taking a souvenir photo. But CEO Tom Krol regards Robo as a “door opener” that paves the way for a discussion that often leads to an RFQ for contract manufacturing as well as design and development of the attendee’s own unique products.

“Robo has given IMET a return on investment that outshines most other efforts to increase market share,” states the CEO. “In fact, we’re thinking of giving her a sizeable bonus this year. She certainly has earned an increase in wattage.”

Robo’s next public appearance will be June 18 – 20, at IMET’s booth #4308 at the Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Exhibit, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia.

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