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Robotic Industrial Truck Leasing Special at 44 Dollars Per Day

Robotic Industrial Truck Leasing Special at 44 Dollars Per Day Converts ProMat Attendees to Seegrid Customers


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- More than 1000 attendees at ProMat stopped at the Seegrid booth two weeks ago and are in the final stages of purchasing of multiple Robotic Industrial Trucks (GT10 model) before the end of February 2013. The special ProMat leasing discount makes the pricing so attractive (at $44 per day) that even the most skeptical buyer was convinced to arrange purchasing. According to Michael M. Hasco, Chief Growth Officer at Seegrid, noted, “ProMat attendees were looking for great solutions in material handling at the right price. Seegrid made sure to offer the best product at the best price and the response was spectacular. This short-term leasing opportunity tipped the scale and we are prepared to deliver thousands of robots in the next three weeks.”

Companies are quickly concluding that it make no sense to pay an operator $184 a day to complete non-value-added travel, when a Seegrid robot performs the same task, three shifts a day, five days a week, for as little as $44 day or $1.85 per hour.

Seegrid Corporation (, the leading manufacturer of robotic industrial trucks, concludes Seegrid robots are more affordable than an employee making minimum wage and do not require benefits, breaks, or vacation, and increase operational productivity and efficiency.

$888 monthly leasing price is based on a 60 month lease price at the end of which time the equipment can be returned or purchased at fair market value. Leases are subject to credit approval, receipt of all executed lease documentation, and delivery and acceptance of the equipment.

The driverless GP8 single and double pallet trucks transport goods using Seegrid’s patented vision-guided navigation technology. The GP8 can transport palletized loads up to 8,000 lbs. safely and reliably without the use of wire, laser, tape, or magnet. Robotic industrial trucks offer a flexible, cost effective solution for the automated movement of products. Manufacturing facilities and warehouses operating Seegrid robots experience reduced labor costs, increased safety, reduced product damage, and improved productivity and efficiency.

Special Pricing for Seegrid GP8 ends February 28th

Customers who prefer to own the GP8 single or double pallet truck can take advantage of the show special by purchasing the driverless robot for only $49,900…a $30,000 savings.

About Seegrid
Founded in 2003, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Seegrid Corporation brings robotic vision-guided technology to the material handling industry. With more than thirty years of innovation and research by leading robotic scientists, engineers, programmers and logistics practitioners worldwide, Seegrid’s exclusive Robotic Industrial Trucks are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments. Seegrid’s technology transforms industrial vehicles into unmanned, automated pallet trucks and tow tractors that operate without the need for wire, tape, laser, magnet or other costly automated guided vehicle (AGV) guidance systems. Seegrid offers solutions that optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, creating economic and operational advantages.

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