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Rocco Shoes Announces Release of 'H' Series Designer Shoes

Walking Tall Has Never Looked So Good or Affordable


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Just as women who are graced with looks appear to be given more by society, tall men seem to receive benefit over short men. For years, elevator shoes and lifts have helped men to walk in disguise. Longtime designer shoe company Rocco Shoes ( is excited to announce the release of their 'H' series designer shoes. The Rocco Shoes 'H' series are high quality elevator shoes adding height to style for men.

A shoe manufacturer for over 17 years, Rocco owns the National Patent right to combine research, development, production, marketing, branding strategy and OEM in the business of height increasing shoes. Their beautiful shoes with a hidden lift inside look completely normal from the outside while instantly increasing one's height by anywhere from 2" to 4" inches taller. These shoes are Hand Crafted Genuine Leather uppers, with a PU hidden lift and a PU/PVC/Rubber Outsole. They are light, having been handmade with comfortable, stylish, genuine leather.

Buyers may especially enjoy wearing the Matteo, a Blue Microfiber shoe in the 'H' series line which increases height by 5.5 CM / 2.1 Inches and costs just $110. US. Or for those preferring a more conservative look, there's the Llario. The Llario has a Black leather upper and a height increase ratio of 7 CM / 2.75 Inches for just $130. US.

Looking taller gives men an inward confidence projected as self-esteem. Taller men are also looked upon more favorably for relationships according to a University of Central Lancashire published in the Evolutionary Psychology Magazine. Further, according to a University of Florida and University of North Carolina study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (Vol. 89, No. 3), taller men earn more with every inch above average earning $789 more annually. Can someone's earning potential really afford not to put every ace in their shoe?

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