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Rochester Popular Band...Is Right on Track

Oxford Train is a savvy mix guaranteed to make you move to the contagious sound that not only entertains but grooves your inner spirit...


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- Based out of Rochester New York, this once four piece band has just added a new addition to their already groovy sound. Adding keyboard, they are embracing a fellow musician in Phil Geiger and welcoming a new drummer, Brian Mohr. Focused on getting their music just right for the public, they have turned down many opportunities to bring their talent to the stage.

Being true artists, they know the elements of presentation and seem to be ahead of their time professionally orchestrating their main goal in recording and getting the music down perfect - right down to the last note. In doing so, they are perfecting their already great sound and with the new editions enhancing their opportunities to advance even further in their musical career.

The combination of unique vocals with a jazz flavor, and a touch of blues, seem to be the right ingredient in presenting what audiences have come to know as 'Oxford Train.'

Since first coming together in 2010, Oxford Train, has progressed as artist under the leadership and artist development of some of music industries finest music producers in Stephen Wrench and Jeff Silverman.

Jeff's experience, as a lead guitarist, co-writer, and co-producer for Rick Springfield has demonstrated and lead Oxford Train to the stage of musical explosion!

Stephens vast knowledge as a musical guru, has allowed him many years in the music industry serving in various areas and heading the VP position at RCA Records. Stephen has worked with many of 'now' popular artist who has patented their genre and left for the fans and future artist an impression and influence that has been carried on to the next generation of music lovers everywhere.

Signing with Musik and Film's, Out of the Box Records, they now have world wide radio distribution which is the main ingredient for those artist striving to be heard in reaching their audiences to gain fan support world wide. Musik Radio Promotions also has Oxford Train playing on hundreds of radio stations around the world.

This upbeat contagious sound is the creation of many genre's of musical bliss added with total knowledge and the love for making music.

These true savory artist seem to spice up the sound each time you hear their magic talent come to life. Breathing into the air a danceable tune that just makes you groove.

Just like a train comin' round the bend... So is the magical sounds of the phenomenal Oxford Train!

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