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Rock Splitter Used in Manhattan Reduces Noise and Dust


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Granite removal is a process that can cause excessive amounts of noise and dust, which is disruptive especially in a place like Manhattan. As part of The West Manhattan Project, John Civetta & Sons Inc. ran into some problems in their efforts to remove granite.

Local regulations limited the amount of noise and dust that could be created by construction projects within the city. Hydraulic hammers among other traditional tools were determined to be too disruptive. Looking for alternatives, the company discovered the Yamamoto Rock Splitter. This dynamic device uses a completely different method for granite destruction.

The rock splitter, which is mounted on an excavator, works by using a hydraulic cylinder that splits the granite versus smashing it. This tool delivered great results and enabled John Civetta & Sons Inc. to complete their work in an quick and effective manner. The latest tools and technology are allowing contractors to perform projects more efficiently than ever before.

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