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Rockafella Jones Returns in "Rockafella Jones and the Journey Home" by Lindy Conroe Now Available from Blue Mustang Press


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- Blue Mustang Press is proud to publish Lindy Conroe's second Rockafella Jones children's book "Rockafella Jones and the Journey Home". Conroe's book, aided by illustrations from Susanne Riette and written for children 4-9, continues the story of a helpful fairy, Rockafella Jones, who finds that she is homesick for her native Cape Cod, and wishes to return home.

Book 2 finds Rockafella Jones homesick. Since helping her friend SallyLou discover treasure on her farm in the first book (Rockafella Jones and the Hidden Treasure), she has been happily living on the farm with her new animal friends Yikes (a lizard), Applesauce (a squirrel), Ceenie (a pig), and Gallop (a horse). All is going well…except for the fact that she misses her family and her fairy village on Cape Cod. It's time to go home. Attempting to do that, she will find obstacles and setbacks aplenty, and she will need kindness and support and from her old friends as well as ingenuity and help from her new ones. Together they will experience adventures that none of them could have imagined.

The book has received high praise from kids and educators alike. Retired educator Kathy Morton says, "In this new Rockafella Jones book, Rockafella and her friends contribute their ideas and talents to overcome barriers and to help Rockafella as she tries to return to her far away home. Gentle humor spiced with dashes of suspense and supported by lovely illustrations will keep young listeners and readers captivated."

The book was written with an eye towards being great for reading aloud to younger children while still being interesting enough for older readers to read it themselves. The chapters are kept short, generally only 1-3 pages, yet each ends with a "cliff hanger" of sorts to propel interest into the next chapter. Overall it introduces young children to the idea of a longer, sustained story, told over time, yet not being so long as to lose the reader's (or listener's) interest. This is the second in the series of books.

About Lindy Conroe
Lindy Conroe has been an Assistant Professor of English, a watercolor and collage artist, a licensed social worker, and a psychotherapist with a private practice. She lives near Boston with her husband.

About Susanne Riette
Illustrator Susanne Riette graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has been an illustrator for the greeting card industry and designer for Hasbro, Inc, the toy company. For the past 10 years she has run her own freelance design studio with a wide variety of clients. She is also a water color artist and has exhibited in many galleries in the region around her home in Easton, Massachusetts.

Rockafella Jones and the Hidden Treasure is available through retail book outlets and through the publisher's website at:

ISBN: 978-1-935199-21-2
Page Count: 174
Cover Price: 12.95

Blue Mustang Press
Address: Boston, MA