Rockers Silent Theory's Latest Release Is Outta Their Heads

From a musically enthralled past, rock band Silent Theory emerged with an insanely “Outta My Head” approach to music, as heard on recordings, a co-headlined national tour and their upcoming album.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Silent Theory have been anything but silent in their past six years of performing and recording together, an effort that has earned them both local and national fame over the years. Fans of Nickelback, Seether and Papa Roach will find that Silent Theory meshes well with their current bands of choice and may be a new favorite indie artist in the straightforward rock genre. Leading up to their upcoming album, this sound can be heard on both their debut album, Black Tie Affair, and their latest single, “Outta My Head.”

While approaching the band with different backgrounds and musical influences, Silent Theory’s four members shared the desire, passion and drive to be rocks stars from day one. Drummer Mitch Swanger, for example, describes his musical beginnings as picking up his first drumsticks when he was two years old and drumming away on his dad’s knee, which eventually matured to an inescapable drive to drum every day, every moment he could, even to the point of missing out on partying with his friends. His band members, which includes his two brothers, have similar back stories as well.

It was these music-centric backgrounds that drove Silent Theory to form a band in 2008, about which Mitch says, “We were born to do this, and I think it is greatly reflected in both the lyrics and music we produce, as well as the 110% we give every single time we set foot on the stage. This is our life.”

Together they have produced a hard rock sound that draws from their eclectic tastes in music, though they find similar influences from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Mudvayne and more. Inspired by everything from backstabbing (“Faded Memories”) and depression (“Disintegrate”) to bullying (“My Last Goodbye”) and cutting loose and having a good time (“Straight for the Edge”), Silent Theory recorded their debut album, Black Tie Affair (2011). This ear-catching album of rocker anthems put them on the map both locally and nationally. They also released their latest single, “Outta My Head,” in 2013, which is their most recent recording effort leading up to the second album they are currently working on.

In an interview with Silent Theory, Alternative Revolt described Black Tie Affair as “full of big rock, feel-good anthems that should make the hardest of rock critics smile while involuntarily moving their heads to the music.” Mitch agreed, “That’s exactly what we were going for. The goal of the album was to help people forget about life for awhile by listening to some old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.” This album was also produced by Grammy-nominated producer Jason Zarnowski while Silent Theory were signed to Turkey Vulture Records.

Off this album, “Livin’ the Dream” was featured on the quintessential music performance video game, Rock Band, and they also received more national media exposure when they performed this track live on MTV for an episode of MTV Cribs. Silent Theory co-headlined a national tour in support of this album, for which they were on the road for several months.

Before they released this album, Silent Theory had their first big break in 2009 when they played on the main stage at SXSW and shared the stage with headliner Metallica. Since, they’ve played with such national artists as Divide the Day, American Hitmen, Jet Black Stare, Smile Empty Soul and more. They also headlined the famed Los Angeles venue Whisky A Go-Go.

Silent Theory’s music is available on iTunes, CD Baby and ReverbNation.

Silent Theory also has videos on their YouTube channel, including live performances of “Straight for the Edge” and “Silent Generation,” both off Black Tie Affair, and a teaser video for their hit single “Outta My Head.”

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