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Rocket Spanish Review: Learn Spanish Online


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- This Rocket Spanish Review aims to help its customers to decide if Rocket Spanish new revolutionary online course is a scam or it really worth the money. Rocket Spanish is a very detailed and comprehensive with really good emphasis on lots of speaking and getting pronunciations correct. Rocket Spanish guide also contains lots of good additional contextual information and phrases. Rocket Spanish Review also aims to help customers who are thinking about giving Rocket Spanish a try, they might be wondering who this program is intended for. Users might think that they need to have some previous knowledge of the language in order to benefit from this program but that is simply not the case. This program can help anyone to learn Spanish even if they are a complete beginner.

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Rocket Spanish was created by Maurici Evlampieff, a native of Chile. According to the author, he has created the course when several of his friends expressed a desire to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

The main part of the course are 31 step-by-step audio lessons. Each lesson comes with supplementary materials. These consist of grammar guides, vocabulary supplement and conversation course book. The materials inside Rocket Spanish represent over 500 pages with 414 exercises.

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Additionally, users will receive 2 software learning games. The first game is called megaVocab. It has over 2,000 words from 20 different topics. Its main goal is to help users memorize the most common Spanish words and phrases. The second game is called MegaAudio. This software helps users to understand the spoken word – in a short space of time, they will recognize over 1,000 words. In short, Rocket Spanish is an interactive language course that promises that users will have speaking modern Spanish confidentially and naturally in less than 3 months.

Also called Castilian, Spanish is a Romance language family of Latin languages (Italian, Portuguese). It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Both Spanish, as well as other languages, is a modern continuation of Latin that was spoken in the Roman Empire and which laid the foundation of all modern Romance languages.

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Due to its spread in the Americas, Spanish is a Latin language which experienced the most widespread in the world. From 2005 it is officially spoken in 21 countries: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Cumba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Guinea, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world according to the number of users who have as their mother tongue, being preceded only Mandarin. Ranks third as the most used language (both native and foreign) are advanced Mandarin and English. Spanish also occupies second place among the most studied language in the world after the 2000 statistics being studied in schools and colleges in more than 90 countries.

Remember, knowledge of a foreign language is a new window on the world.

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