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Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers Announces Exciting Deal

Offers users free “Clear” mini air purifier with the best Home Air Purifier


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2016 -- Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers has announced an exciting offer, which allows users to get their hands on "clear" mini air purifier with their purchase of Summit Plus, the best Home Air Purifier.

It's only natural that users want to buy the best air purifiers for their homes and office spaces. After all they are concerned about the well-being of their loved ones and team members. Air borne allergens are a nuisance, especially during spring and summer, because they can lead to allergic and asthmatic reactions. Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers with its range of products tries to offer users respite from these issues. The company also strives to incorporate technological and engineering advancements to better its products.

The Summit Plus, which is being called The Best Air Purifier Of 2016, is its offering in the same vain. The air purifier carries forward the tradition of seven stage purification process that has become the hallmark of products offered by the company. The purification process consists of HEPA Filtration, ionization, ultra violet, dust pre-filter, advanced carbon filtration, advanced photo-catalytic filter and ozone. Each of the processes creates an additional layer of purification that makes a lot of sense for users.

The Home Air Purifiers from the company also work more efficiently because the initial stage of purification removes the coarser elements from the air. Hence other stages of purification are also carried out smoothly and users can be rest assured that they remove bacteria, viruses, allergens and odor from the air they breathe. Rocky Mountain Air Purifiers has a three year warranty and sixty day satisfaction guarantee, which says a lot about the quality of its products.

The Summit Plus is packed with features that are meant to make things more convenient for users. The company also tries to offer its products, including the Summit Plus to its users at affordable rates. It has now unveiled an offer where users can get "clear" mini air purifier along with their purchase of the Summit Plus, absolutely free. Thus they have a smart air purification solution for their homes and travel needs too.

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