Rocky Mountain Surrogacy

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy Gives Birth to New Hope for Motherhood

Surrogacy Center Celebrates the Birth of Over 136 Babies in Nine Years


Meridian, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2016 -- As the 10th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC approaches, the center has a lot to celebrate. With the birth of 136 babies since its opening, Rocky Mountain Surrogacy has made the dream of new motherhood come true across the United States.

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, based in Idaho, understands that the journey for some women to become pregnant can be rocky. The center focuses on finding a good surrogate match for couples who want to conceive via surrogacy. Not only does the center find potential matches for carriers, but they also ensure that these potential carriers are in good health. Rocky Mountain Surrogacy knows that a healthy baby starts with a healthy carrier.

"We believe that health is at the forefront of any surrogacy and we do not take this lightly," shared Rocky Mountain Surrogacy Owner Tessie Draper. "It is our mission to ensure the happiness of the parents and the child as well by screening potential candidates and we take no shortcuts in our mission for health."

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy's Website offers more information about the criteria for potential surrogates as well as more information for those who are interested in using a surrogate. The clear message of Rocky Mountain Surrogacy is that it does not matter if you are the surrogate or the ones who are using a surrogate for a birth-what matters is the needs of both parties.

About Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC
Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC is a surrogacy center that offers the utmost care in finding a potential surrogate. With over 130 babies and counting, Rocky Mountain Surrogacy advocates a smooth journey to birth using the miracle of surrogacy. Visit Rocky Mountain Surrogacy's official Website to see for yourself the miracle that is birth. Additional services include but are not limited to: qualified gestational surrogates, referrals to physicians and psychiatrists, transportation and accommodation to those out of state, and much more.