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Rodney Robertson Announces New Book - 'Stop The Bully. It Starts With You'

Book Teaches How to Strengthen Yourself and Learn Not to be a Victim.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- In our society the bullying of children in school is an issue that is consistent and appears to never end. The book "Stop The Bully - I t Starts With You" is an approach to working about the building and uplifting of the individual; rather than what they should do to a bully.

What is most important is instilling the values to children that they should not feel it's okay to be suppresed. A bully actually wants you to feel something is wrong with you and act as if the way they treat you is warranted.

When we do nothing children suffer, and the fear of going to school increases. These yound adults carry these issues their entire lives. Almost 60% of bullied victims testify that their situations happens between the 3rd and 9th grade, 1 0% of students drop out and never finish school.

Bullying starts in our elementary schools and is in full effect by middle school. Once out of middle school the situation is often deadly and we now deal with those who are seeking revenge, which is a bigger problem.

We need to act today, because every child afraid increases selfdestructive behavior; children deserve better.

Master Robertson recently attended Brighthouse Networks Channel 1 3 "Stop The Bully Forum. " The panel of experts included psychologist, deputies, laywers, and authors. The message was clear and consisten across the panel. The bullying is causing poor grades, poor self-esteem, poor social skills, and introverting type behavior due to not wanting to attend school (Other then Academic achievement, school is also too build social skills). October and November are two months dedicated to the awarness that this situation is wrong, being bullied must not exist in our school system.

The book "Stop The Bully - I t Starts With You" is written by a Martial Arts Master with 27 year experience, he teaches self-defense and knows the ins and outs of what it takes to teach a person to protect themselves, believe in themselves, and stand up for themselves.

The message in this book is clear and simple, work on yourself and learn not to be a victim. I t is a non-violent approach that leads to greater inner-strength and moral victory. I t is an easy read for children and backed with facts and statistics important for parents to know.

Deputy Sherriff Neal Fowler says "We need this for the kids. " Deputy Fowler is active in trying to protect and talk to kids in his way and believes Master Robertson's approach is a great way to build yourself; you can not go around fighting, you have to build yourself.

The self-help book "Stop the Bully - I t Starts With You" is written by Master Rodney Robertson, a professional in the Martial Arts and CEO of Martial Arts World of Tuskawilla in Orlando, FL. With the purchase of the book he also gives 5 weeks of training in the Orlando, Winter Springs, Casselberry area with the participation of 6 Martial Arts World schools ready to reinforce that things change when you work on yourself. Locations include Tuskawilla, Metro West, Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Kissimmee, and Ocala. The book is published by Legacy Book Publishing, it sells for $14.95.

You can visit the website http://StopTheBullyBook.com

About the Author: Master Robertson
Master Robertson 27 years of Martial Arts and Self-Defense expert. Trained several styles of martial arts. CEO of Martial Arts World, Motivational Speaker, Health Advisor, and author of over 6 books on how to improve and protect yourself. Seminole Chronicle calls him "The Karate Kid".