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Roger's Plumbing Announces Company's Dedication to Hiring Veterans


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- Roger's Plumbing affirmed a commitment to hiring veterans onto its plumbing staff in a recent post to the blog the company maintains on its website. A previous post to the blog, which is updated several times per month on the website, noted the growth and expansion plans for Roger's Plumbing. The latest post goes into more specific detail about this hiring drive by acknowledging veterans as a pool of talent the company will focus on hiring from.

The post begins by acknowledging in a broad sense how Roger's Plumbing, a local plumbing company, in Austin, Texas, evaluates resumes that include military experience. When military experience is indicated on an application for employment, the blog post expresses that this is highly regarded by the potential employer. The company refers to military experience on an application as a "green flag," as opposed to the often-mentioned red flags, or negative information, that employers discuss relative to resumes and applications.

The post goes on to explain in detail the rationale behind the company's focus on hiring veterans. They specifically mention dedication, leadership skills, continuing education and the veteran experience as factors that they believe veterans possess that translate directly to success with the company. Dedication is important to Roger's, the blog post notes, because the company provides an extensive apprenticeship program for new hires that requires commitment. Leadership skills, according to the post, will help an employee interact effectively with coworkers. Continuing education is an aspect of military training that the post indicates develops in veterans an appreciation for training and learning their craft—Roger's Plumbing notes that they take pride in providing these opportunities for their employees, as well.

The blog post concludes by noting the growth that Roger's Plumbing has experienced recently in their Austin plumbing services market and that they are currently in the midst of an ongoing hiring process. The company provides a link at the top of the home page of their newly designed website, listed below, that allows visitors to the site to submit their resume directly through the website. The link is found at the top of the page by clicking on the "Submit Resume" option.

About Roger's Plumbing
Business owner Roger L. Patterson started Roger's Plumbing in 1994 and still remains active in the family owned and operated business. They offer several policies and guarantees which seek to ensure customer satisfaction, one of which is a financial commitment they term "Happy Today or You Don't Pay." Customers unhappy with their service for any reason, from the quality of service to the behavior of the service technician, are not required to pay for their service. 

More information can be found at The plumbing company's commitment to family is demonstrated in a three-tiered policy of commitment to families. Their website notes that they seek to satisfy, in sequential order, the customer's family, the worker's family and the owner's family.

Roger's Plumbing
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