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Roger's Plumbing Creates Private Membership Service Club


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2016 -- Roger's Plumbing has created a new way for its customers to protect themselves against potential plumbing problems, from emergencies to routine issues. "The Diamond Club," the Austin plumbing company has announced, is a private membership service club available to a limited number of clients. According to the local business, the club aims to provide members with peace of mind and security in plumbing-related matters by providing several benefits to those who sign up.

Members of "The Diamond Club" will receive a yearly visit from a Roger's Plumbing service team member. During this visit, the plumbing expert will conduct a thorough inspection of the club member's home or residence. This scheduled service, and any of up to 100 routine adjustments that are made during the course of the inspection, will be free for members of the club. The estimated value of this yearly service is around $200.00 which, according to Roger's Plumbing, is a value that makes up a significant portion of the cost of the membership.

"The Diamond Club" membership will also ensure those customers receive "Front-of-the-Line" service. This means that club members will have their plumbing issues taken care of immediately and will be provided with 24/7 emergency service. These benefits will be of particular interest, Roger's Plumbing believes, to those customers seeking to insure their homes against common plumbing emergencies like water damage. Further benefits of membership in the program include a 15% discount on all plumbing services from Roger's Plumbing. This discount will be provided to customers on top of the price listed by the company in their pricing guideā€”a pricing guide that, according to Roger's Plumbing, already seeks to provide the most straight forward pricing possible on its plumbing services. More information is explained in detail at

In order to deliver on the promise of Diamond Club membership benefits, the company announced that membership in the club will be capped at 22% of their clientele. By limiting membership to a proportion of their customer load, Roger's looks to maintain a workload necessary to provide the extra services to select customers while continuing to expand the capabilities of the growing business. Membership in "The Diamond Club" and the plumbing security it affords, Roger's Plumbing also announced, will be available to customers for a price of pennies a day.

The founder of Roger's Plumbing has directed the company for over 20 years and is still active in the business today. The company's employees work from and transport to in company vehicles as opposed to their own cars and are ensured the use of the latest state-of-the-art tools to complement their plumbing education.

About Roger's Plumbing
Roger's Plumbing provides solutions and answers to multiple plumbing problems and questions including installation, bathtub repairs, garbage disposal service and unique issues. The company is based in Austin but operates in the greater Austin area including Largo Vista, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Plugerville and Round Rock.

In addition to "The Diamond Club," Roger's Plumbing also offers other forms of customer loyalty incentive and guarantee programs including credit, financing, and satisfaction guarantees. The details of these programs and the company's services are available on their website.

Roger's Plumbing
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