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Roger's Plumbing Shares Information on Leaks and Leaking Issues


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2017 -- Roger's Plumbing, a leading provider of plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the Austin area, has produced a blog post focusing on the common plumbing issue of leaks. All of the company's blog posts, which are aimed at customers who need to solve a particular plumbing issue or broaden their knowledge of possible plumbing issues, are available on their website. New posts are made to the blog regularly.

The most recent blog post from Roger's Plumbing concerning the common plumbing issue of leaking begins by noting that the issue can often easily be traced back to its source. To explain the process of finding a leak's source, Roger's Plumbing takes the reader of its blog through the thought-process of one of their plumbing technicians as they approach finding the source of a leak. "We all know that water chooses the path of least resistance, so water from a leak tends to run and settle close to its origin point. But that's not the case 100 percent of the time, so there are visits where we have to play detective to try and trace the source of a leak," the company's post explains.

The post goes on to explain what else occurs as a plumber traces the source of a leak: "When we're doing that, we look for things like discoloration on dry wall or sheet rock and bubbling paint. We also look through all of the cabinets, because it can be easy for a leak to hide."

A frequent theme of the plumbing information provided by Roger's Plumbing throughout their website and blog is that what appears to be a small plumbing problem may be indicative of a much larger problem. The blog post on leaks is a good example of this phenomenon. Sometimes, in the course of investigating the source of a leak, a Roger's plumbing technician will discover cracks in corners around the house. These foundation inspections are important because such cracks indicate that there may be a crack in the foundation due to a long-term leak. In the worst case scenarios, Roger's Plumbing explains, these foundational issues can even require the replacement of a home's sheet rock.

Roger's Plumbing concludes their blog post by acknowledging the stress that can be associated with having a plumber come investigate a plumbing issue. While there may be costs associated with a plumbing issue, the Austin plumbing company stresses that these costs are kept as low as possible, and a building and its inhabitants are kept as safe as possible, the earlier that a plumbing professional is able to inspect any suspected leak.

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