Rogue Removals Provides Automatic Tool to Remove System Care Antivirus Malware


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing solutions for removing the popular malware System Care Antivirus, is now offering an automatic tool that can remove the malware in minutes without any hassle. The malware that represents itself as a bogus antivirus has caused distress amongst many PC users due to the difficulty they face in removing it. has provided 2 methods on how to successfully remove the fake antivirus and restore the PC to its previous settings.

The media spokesperson of the site quoted on why it is so difficult to remove System Care Antivirus, “The malware System Care Antivirus is considered to be one of the most troublesome of viruses because it disables access to task manager, registry editor and other essential programs. After a PC is infected by System Care Antivirus virus it is very difficult to remove it and only advanced users are able to do so after rigorous efforts. We are providing an automatic tool that can not only successfully remove the malware within minutes but is also very easy to use and can be operated by anyone. After a quick download the automatic tool will scan the PC for the various malwares that are present including System Care Antivirus, which will be then fixed with a click of a button. The automatic tool is now available on our website.”

The website has published another manual method that can remove System Care Antivirus. This method requires accessing certain in-depth files in the computer. The method however may not completely remove the malware as it may be spread to many files that will require tireless hunting to locate. Still individuals who are seeking a way on how to remove System Care Antivirus can view the details of both the automatic and manual method on the website.

The media spokesperson further quoted on how System Care Antivirus infects a PC, “Most malwares come from visiting unsafe websites or downloading illegal media. System Care Antivirus is no exception. The striking resemblance of the malware to an antivirus is the reason many PC users end up downloading it and even paying for it’s so called membership. Even though the money can be received back by asking for a refund from the credit card company, the PC still gets seriously infected and it becomes necessary to use a certain System Care Antivirus removal solution. Our automatic tool comes with a 100% guarantee and is one of the easiest and quickest removal methods available.”

About is a website that provides methods of removing the popular malware System Care Antivirus. Through the online platform,, individuals whose computers have been affected by the malware can view 2 easy methods on removal of System Care Antivirus. The website is known for its step by step tutorials on how to remove the malware and for its free automatic tool that can remove System Care Antivirus within minutes without any hassle.

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