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ROK Universal Launches New Liquid Refillable Electronic Cigarette

The ROK Legend e-cigarette brings a range of new features to the UK


St Alban's, Herts -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- ROK Universal has today announced the full launch of their latest liquid refillable performance electronic cigarettes for e-smokers in the UK and Europe.

The ROK Legend takes liquid refillable e cigarette hardware to a whole new dimension. Designed to offer a simple, genuinely satisfying balanced alternative to smoking traditional tobacco-based cigarettes, The ROK Legend e cigarette delivers nicotine in a smoke-like vapour, without any of the tobacco or tar. E-cigarettes are legal to be used indoors to ‘beat the ban’ and can provide smokers with huge savings compared to regular cigarettes.

“The ROK Legend high performance e cigarette features a unique design and delivers amazing results with real ease-of-use“, says Greg Forster, Managing Director of ROK Universal. “We always strive to bring something new and pioneering to the UK, I believe we have done that with this latest product.”

With its stainless steel finish, the assembled device is designed to look sleek & sexy. The lids keep your mouthpiece free from dirt & the activation button is flush to the side of the battery.

The kit is supplied in a luxury presentation box containing all of the hardware you need including long life (900mAh) and standard (650mAh) rechargeable e cigarette batteries.

Just add your favourite choice of ROK e liquids (sold separately) and get vaping!

Each ROK Legend electronic cigarette kit incorporates:

- Rechargeable e cigarette batteries with power level indicators
- Patented robust tankomiser system with a whopping 2.4ml capacity
- Robust USB recharge lead
- Luxury presentation box

The accompanying e-liquids are all made in the UK with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine, using flavours sourced from within the EU. In addition, ROK Legend smokers can select from a range of nicotine strengths and nine great flavours – original tobacco, Virginian tobacco, mountain menthol, bursting blackcurrant, milk chocolate, absinthe, rokola cola, café cino and sweet cherry.

About ROK Universal
ROK Universal is the leading electronic cigarette brand from Smoke Without Sin Ltd, an established limited company in the UK and a specialist in premium electronic cigarettes since 2009. Delivering sector compliance, product quality, innovation, corporate & environmental responsibility and exceptional customer service. ROK superior branded products taste great, powered by reliable technology & designed with ease of functionality in mind. We call this the ROK Universal platinum standard.

Smoke Without Sin is the only electronic cigarette retailer in the UK to carry the “Trusted Shops” marque. Other online retailer accreditations include Internet Shopping is Safe (ISIS) & Internet Delivery is Safe (IDIS).

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