Rokas Bernotas Looks to Raise Start Up Capital for Polyforma Design Project via Kickstarter

By promoting artisanal production, Rokas Bernotas and his team creates modern design, high quality and affordable footwear for men and women. All their products are handcrafted in Italy.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- In an industry transfixed by the next wave of fast fashion, Rokas Bernotas firmly believes in looking back to understand the art and quality of traditional manufacturing and use that knowledge in order to create authentic products for the future generations.

The current retail market, particularly fashion market, has fundamental flaws that often undermine interests of both producers and consumers, not to mention the environment they live in. Rokas has decided not to conform to the current situation on the market. They are looking to accomplish this by combining the positive characteristics of both traditional and modern markets, offering affordable luxury products yet making sure to honor the values and needs of modern consumer. In order to make this possible, instead of focusing solely on profit and end product, they are focusing on the unique process and people who participate in creating it, therefore constantly improving and growing.

The team has spent many hours refining their designs. They carefully chose every component by focusing on function, comfort and longevity, always with the current needs of contemporary, urban consumer in mind. They don’t believe in fast changing trends and disposable fashion. By designing their first shoe, they wanted to achieve one versatile, simple look aimed for both men and women to fit their increasingly various urban lifestyles. In order to preserve this form of art from dying, they need help in order to raise enough funds to get the first shoe collection into production. Rokas plans to make his first limited collection of shoes, crafted by the hands of Italian artisan Mr. Guerrini and his family, exclusively for his Kickstarter backers.

This project will only be funded if at least £24,000 is pledged by Wed, Aug 13 2014 9:11 PM +05:30.

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About Polyforma Design Project
Polyforma Design Project comprises of a small collective of people who share a vision for sustainable, ethical production of high quality design goods. In an industry transfixed by the next wave of fast fashion, they believe looking back, understanding the strengths of traditional manufacturing processes will ensure an authentic product in the future. They also believe firmly in a transparent production process.