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Roland Shop Announces Summer Bedding Gift Sale

European and Asian Housewares Experts Offer Phenomenal Comforters & Mattress Pads


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- Staying cool in the heat of the summer is no easy task. Shedding clothes and cranking up the A/C can only do so much against the elevated temperatures that don't seem to dissipate at night. Fortunately for fellow Angelenos and other residents of hot climates, the fine folks of Roland Shop have announced their Summer Bedding Gift Sale just in time! For a limited time, customers can take advantage of Roland Shop's bedding sale to score a free gift with the purchase of one of the promoted bedding items.

The three bedding accessories offered are luxurious, to say the least. Bed-savvy individuals will recognize the importance of a high-quality comforter and a solid mattress pad – but these products in particular are engineered to keep sleepers cool through the night.

First up is the Roland Satina Comforter, a 100% cotton sateen in a custom shade of ivory; it is filled with 100% Tencel, a fiber made from Eucalyptus plant tissue.

The advantages are numerous:

- Absorbs 130% more vapor than cotton
- Machine washable
- All-natural materials
- Extremely lightweight
- Advanced humidity control (superior to down or lambswool)
- Cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Next is the Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad, a must-have for those hot summer nights. Tencel and Silver Protection Knitted Fabric combine for a flurry of benefits:

- Silver prevents germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses from forming and growing
- Eliminates odor, including those from sweat
- Reduces humidity which in turn prevents dust mites from forming
- Benefits circulation while asleep
- Eliminates surrounding electromagnetic waves

With the purchase of either the Roland Satina Comforter or the Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad customers can receive a free gift of either The Fissler Alux or Steelux Fry Pan

Last but certainly not least is the Roland Exclusive Down Summer Comforter. The highest quality down available is infused into this lightweight masterpiece. 100% White Siberian Down is used, and cleaned to conform to U.S. Standards, which includes medical treatment to ensure allergy-proof status.

When individuals purchase the Roland Exclusive Down Summer Comforter, they can receive the following gift of their choice:

The Satina Comforter, the Fissler Solar Wok, or 50% discount on Christian Fischbacher Comforter Duvet Covers!

"Here at Roland Products, Inc., we strive everyday to offer our customers the very best – and these bedding products are precisely that," explained Mr. Ro, owner and founder of Roland Shop. He continued, saying "We are happy to make these fantastic bedding products available at generous discounts, and we look forward to meeting the needs of our growing customer base."

About Roland Products, Inc.
Roland Products, Inc. is the North American distributor for several European and Asian housewares brands, including Fissler, Hurom, Goodbye Detergent, Fabrikators, Drosselmeyer, Incen, Christian Fischbacher, Magimix, and Vorwerk. The company is known for excellent customer service and for embodying a philosophy of introducing America to the most innovative, health conscious, and practical products for the home. Established in 1986, they continue to be a family-owned corporation in sunny Los Angeles, California.