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Rolling Thunder: Compelling New Novel Shares Realistic Story of Love and War, from Both Sides of Enemy Line.

Sharing a realistic and un-glorified story of love, pride and passion; ‘Rolling Thunder’ offers a unique literary experience from the viewpoint of both America and its enemy.


Monterey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- For many years the literary world has demanded intense and engrossing stories that remain realistic and true to life. This void has recently been filled by author Erik Fleming and his powerful new novel, ‘Rolling Thunder’.

While it may first appear like any other American war or adventure novel, the difference lies in the realistic and un-glorified narrative. Unfolding into a beautiful love story that is viewed from both sides of the enemy line, thousands of readers are flocking to get a copy of this unique and refreshing work of fiction.


Welcome to Linh Thu, South Vietnam, where the enemy strikes the Americans nightly from just outside the base. Supplies are almost gone, and comfort and security are a fading memory.

Into the melee arrives a recently broken-hearted U.S. fighter pilot hoping to serve his tour of duty and go home, but that was before anyone knew he could speak the native language. Marine Captain Valentine Jordan must obtain the necessities of life from local merchants, and finds the beautiful Nga Nghin Do’i is only one who can help him.

He came against his will to fight in a war he didn’t believe in. She lived to make the lives of her fellow villagers easier and dreamed of a day when her country would be free. Rolling Thunder is a story of love conquering hate, pride and enmity in the worst of conditions, all during a fierce and bloody war.

As the author explains, his book tells a popular story from a unique perspective.

“There are many stories from wars the US has been in, but there are few from the viewpoint of both America AND its enemy. Rolling Thunder has both,” says Fleming.

Continuing, “It also has an important theme within the story of love conquering pride, hate and enmity even in the worst of conditions- during a fierce, bloody and passionate war. Throughout the main storyline and all the subplots and twists within, the theme quietly surfaces in most places and boldy displays itself in others. Americans finally see some insight into their ‘enemy's’ view of the conflict, instead of just their own viewpoint.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“I read about 4 books per week but rarely in one sitting. I read Rolling Thunder straight through in one day. Rolling thunder has it all: suspense, drama, romance, and thrills. I am a pilot but even if you are not, the "fur balls" and mission flights are easy to imagine due to Fleming's ability to put you right there in the middle of the action,” says A. Ainsworth, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Julie Carriere, was equally as impressed. She said that, “I really enjoyed the flight scenes, felt like I was right there flying the plane!! Great read for a rainy day, sunny day, foggy day, or anyday!”

With such a unique narrative, the book is tipped by critics to be in extremely high demand. Therefore, interested readers are urged to secure their copy before it’s too late.

‘Rolling Thunder’, published by Strategic Book Publishing, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/13jXM00

For more information, visit: http://sbpra.com/LErikFleming/

L. Erik Fleming is an air traffic controller and flight instructor in Monterey, California.