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Roman and Sons Is Now Offering Garden Window Installations


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Roman and Sons is now offering garden window installations. The winter seasons tends to drag on as homeowners hibernate indoors until the spring weather rolls around. For some who enjoy tending to a garden and having fresh produce around, it makes it difficult to do during the winter months. However, with the installation of garden windows from Richboro’s Roman and Sons, home or condominium owners can take full advantage of growing produce inside their home. With the outdoor being of minimal use, why not have the ability to harvest fresh produce all year round with a new efficient window form Roman and Sons.

The windows from Roman and Sons are not only great for indoor farming, but they also add a beautiful, almost vintage addition to the home. With that indoor but outdoor feel, fresh flowers, herbs, and maybe even a few leafy greens can be salvaged in the winter sun during the day. With this addition, property owners can still manage to have beautiful and colorful flowers in sight every morning to rid of that dreary, winter chill outside. Some plants are also great for keeping the air in the home clean for those who may get a bit stuffy. Roman and Sons also has other options for those who are not looking to go the route of a garden window.

When having a bay window in Glenside installed, property owners can still have that dramatic feel with style. These are not only an asset to the home, but they add tons of space, seating area, and more light into a room. Depending on what room or height this window will be installed at, plants can be placed on their windowsill to soak up the winter’s rays. Whether this new installation is for edible plants or for just plain beauty, they add a sense of security, energy efficiency, and value to the overall property. Check out more of the Philadelphia windows that Roman and Sons has to offer to replace that old traditional window without having to makeover the room.

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