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Roman and Sons Now Offering the DeckFitter System


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Roman and Sons, known for their windows in Horsham, PA, is pleased to announce they are now offering the DeckFitter system. The DeckFitter system is a vinyl product that covers existing wood decks to make them maintenance free.

The DeckFitter system allows homeowners to transform their current wooden deck without replacing it. The DeckFitter system fits directly on top of the current wooden deck. Wooden decks need constant maintenance. The wood splits and they are conducive to mildew, mold, and stains. Older decks can become dangerous to walk on with bare feet and are very susceptible to insect infestation. Wood decks also need to be power washed, stained and sealed every year or so to keep them from rotting.

Many people find themselves replacing the deck with a new wooden deck or with a composite material. Both of these options are very expensive and homeowners or contractors are left with the problem of disposing of the old material. The DeckFitter system is the answer to all of those problems. There is no need to dispose of the old deck because the DeckFitter is placed right on top of the existing deck. DeckFitter comes in five colors including Oakwood, Driftwood, White, Grey, and Beige. DeckFitter also comes in a Wood grain finish to mimic the look of real wood. The vinyl material used for the DeckFitter adds almost no weight to the existing deck so no further reinforcement or supports are needed. It also has a non-skid surface that is comfortable and safe to walk on with your bare feet with hidden stainless steel fasteners for added safety.

When its time to replace the existing deck, consider calling Roman and Sons to discuss the maintenance free option of the DeckFitter system and make the deck look like brand new again for a fraction of the cost of an entire new deck.

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