Launched, to Feature the Latest News on Presidential Campaign and Election


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- With an intent of keeping people informed about the impending Presidential elections and the campaigns of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a new website has been launched. The founders say this is their small way of trying to contribute to the 2012 republican campaign.

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate is contesting against President Barack Obama in the upcoming Presidential elections and lately, the Republican campaign has kicked a new gear with final rounds of discussions and debates.

The website also features detailed biography of Mitt Romney and features reports and news on all major events of his campaign. When asked about the website Mr. Mark Stempington, one of the writers said "President Mitt Romney has a strong following on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But there is scope for exclusive and detailed discussions where we feel our portal is fitting in, giving exclusive and detailed coverage of the elections."

When asked about future plans for the website he replied "We are going to launch polls to make the site more dynamic and interactive. We are also going to open a public forum for people to discuss their views and share their ideas. The website will also have an exclusive merchandise cart with authentic support merchandise for Romney supporters."

The website is gathering reviews for its in-depth coverage and detailed opinions. Against common belief the writers’ detailed analysis on Reuters poll on Mitt Romney election has gained acclaim. Their analysis had predicted advantage for President Obama before last week’s Democratic National Convention on the issues of sustainable development. The site analysts noted that the sudden withering temperature and widespread draught, the candidate's opinion towards environmental factors will play a pivotal role in the decision of Americans. The prediction has since been confirmed by post-convention polls. Election analysts note that the founders are definitely hitting the right notes with the quality of journalism. The popularity of the site it seems is definitely on the upswing.

The website is run from Asheville, NC by a team of Republican supporters. The website aims at providing people a detailed look at the Republican campaigns through op-eds, news and articles and timely social media coverage.

If you’d like more information about or to schedule a meeting or an interview with the founders of, please contact Mark Stempington via email at