Ron Sharpe Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Introduce the Valentimer, the Watch That Quantifies Love

Valentimer™ is a unique watch that records and replays the times someone thinks of their significant other. Entrepreneur Ron Sharpe is looking to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo for the market launch of the Valentimer™.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2016 -- Ron Sharpe is the inventor of a unique watch called the Valentimer™. In addition to displaying the time and date accurately, the Valentimer™ has been designed to record the times when one thinks of his/her loved one. "Just by pushing the record button on the watch, you can record these moments up to thirty times. These times can easily be replayed later with the press of a button," says Ron. Users can start afresh at any time by setting the memory to zero.

A person may tell their loved one how much they think about them when not together, but there has never been a way to actually demonstrate how often this occurs. "The Valentimer™ offers a romantic way for couples to show just how frequently the other person crosses their mind throughout the day," Ron says.

A recent study suggests that there can be a significant improvement in one's mood just by thinking about their partner. Sarah Stanton, a psychology researcher at University of Western, Ontario, says, "We set out to look at whether or not just thinking about your partner was enough to kind of give us a physical and psychological energy boost." Ron Sharpe's invention, the Valentimer™, enables a person to record their thoughts and put their blue mood in check.

There is a female and male version of the VALENTIMER™ with leather or metal metal bands and comes in an attractive gift box that you can personalize.

The Valentimer™ is an excellent gift idea for anyone regardless of age for, naturally, Valentine's Day, as well as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any time that two people wish to show their romantic connection. It can also be used for medical purposes to record the times of the day when the user has taken his/her medication.

Ron Sharpe has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the market launch of the Valentimer™. The funding goal of this campaign is $50,000. All contributors to this campaign will receive their Valentimer™ watches for a special, early-bird price.

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About Ron Sharpe
Ron Sharpe hails from Melbourne, Australia. He is 82 years old, has four daughters & seven grandchildren & still plays tennis. Ron, now a resident of the U.S., has lived on four continents and traveled the world extensively. Prior to starting MIMIC -(Made in Mexico Infinitely Cheaper) an acrylic displays factory, Ron was a 'global' real estate developer. His creativity and inventions over the years know no boundaries! His latest invention (patent pending) – a year in the making, is the Valentimer™ watch.