Rong Guo Seeks $3,000 via Crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the Eng Case - A Unique 3D Printed Smart Phone Case

The Eng Case is built with actual working gears demonstrating mechanical principles with meticlulous design to protect iPhones, Nexus, and Samsung smart phones.


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- As popular as 3D printing is these days, most people often don't appreciate how flexible this emerging technology is. The Eng Case is not just another product produced through 3D Printing; it's a combination of art and engineering design representing the future of fabricating technology. With the flexibility of 3D printing, Mr. Guo was able to make various designs without worrying about the huge initial cost of molding so common in the conventional manufacturing process. Eng Case designs fit comfortably in the hand of smartphone users and are also fun to play with. Smartphone users will enjoy the simple pleasure of spinning the gears while loading apps, checking their email or playing their next song. There's a new sense in pride of ownership as Eng Cases are simultaneously a fashion statement and conversation piece sure to mix things up at any social gathering. Customized tags can make the Eng Case a very personal statement as well.

The Eng Case will be constructed using PLA, an environmentally friendly material for most of the parts, and will use glow in the dark PLA for all the gears and tags. Color choices include white or yellow for the outer case (with additional color choices to follow) as well different color combinations for the gears and background for the best possible result.

About Rong Guo
Mr. Guo has been using 3D printers for roughly three years and has built several kinds of RepRap 3D printers like Prusa Mendel, Prusa I3 and the Mix G1. Entering college two years ago, he learned to use 3D design tools and devoted a lot of time to mastering these tools as he started to design simple things like replacement parts for his printer. Drawing upon his experience he was able to bring his designs to life as he saw the power and possibility in this emerging technology.

This project will only be funded if at least $3,000 is pledged by Wed July 2 2014 11:50 PM EDT.

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