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Roof Snow Removal and Steaming Ice Dams This Cold Season in Connecticut


Ledyard, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- With the cold weather headed our way, the mild winter this year may soon be forgotten. In 2015 the winter started off very mild until the last week of January and turned into one of the most brutal winters on record. 2016 has not started off too be too bad, but cold weather is on the way.

In 2015 there wasn't an enormous amount of snow in one single snow storm, but the temperature never got much above freezing and this led to snow piling on top of snow. This continued snow fall without any type of melting in between caused severe issues with many people's roofs. Here is some tips to help stop unwanted roof leaks from those pesky ice dams that tend to grow from the gutters of your home.

If it is going to be warm in mild for the rest of winter then don't start worrying about your roof, but if you see cold weather move in for an extended period of time, that is the one necessary component of the beginnings of treacherous ice dams on your roof. The other key thing to look for is the snow. Cold weather alone will not cause an ice dam, but neither will snow alone. The combination of these two ingredients can cause serious issues with your roof leading to leaks inside your home.

If the weather does turn frigid this winter and the snow begins to pile up on your home, then take preventative measures to stop the icicles from forming on the gutters. Use a roof rake to pull the snow off the edge of the roof where ice tends to form. Go back 3-4 feet from the roofs edge to ensure the sun hits the shingles to help melt any ice. You may have to rake to roof every time is snows to ensure the shingles along the edge of roof continue to stay exposed to the sunlight.

The second option is to call a roof snow removal service in Connecticut. There are many companies that will climb the ladders for you and shovel the snow off the roof. This will starve the ice at the edge of the roof from its source of water and keep it from growing as the snow melts from the heat of the attic against the rooftop snow. Put a little calcium chloride along the edges of roof if there is a little ice in the gutters. This will melt the ice extremely fast even in below weather temperature.

If you didn't really stay ahead of the weather and waited until you are looking at mammoth icicles dangling from your roofs edge you may have a problem. If water has not started leaking into the home yet you really should get some calcium pellets to throw on the roofs edge and get a roof rake. If water is already leaking in the home then you may need to call a company that offers steam ice dam removal. This is where they use the heat from a steam machine to speedily melt the ice and stop the leak usually while they are still working on the roof.

The big tip is to stay ahead of the weather and keep the roofs edge clear. It will help to stop you from being the next victim of the ice dam this season.

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