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Roofing Contractors Portland Releases New Guide to Finding the Perfect Contractor

Just-published guide shows how following a few simple steps can drastically increase the chances of receiving high-quality, long-lasting roofing work, reports


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Roofing Contractors Portland announced the release of a new guide for those considering arranging for residential or commercial roofing work. The guide, available free of charge at the company's website, details a number of simple, straightforward steps those in this position can take to ensure that they receive high-quality, cost-efficient roofing work.

"For many people and businesses, contemplating roofing work is a source of anxiety," company representative Jack Luzinski stated, "but it doesn't have to be that way. Our deep experience with roofing has allowed us to create and publish a simple guide that will help take that uncertainty away." One of the company's fundamental recommendations is that those needing roofing work begin by narrowing the field of candidate companies to those with the most experience and longest records of operation. In the competitive roofing field, staying in business for long periods tends to be a sign of quality work, and this important first step can help prospective customers quickly get off on the right foot by ensuring that no fly-by-night operations will distract them.

Second, the company recommends that customers make a real effort to check into the previous work done by the pared-down field of eligible contractors. The just-published guide offers a number of tips for making this process as efficient and painless as possible, an important fact given that many roofing customers fail to do this research precisely because it can seem difficult and unproductive. Having established the effectiveness of a number of contractors, the guide then recommends that customers, whether seeking residential or commercial roofing in Portland, get a number of estimates.

"Even for near-emergency jobs, we have often found that getting at least a pair of quotes can make a real difference when it comes to satisfaction in the end," Luzinski continued, "and feeling rushed is almost always a sign that someone seeking roofing work would do well to take a step back. Focus on how that new roof or roof repair in Portland is going to hold up over the years." Roofing Contractors Portland's new guide emphasizes the importance of high-quality materials in roofing work. Less reputable contractors often attempt to cut corners here, delivering low-seeming prices on jobs that at first appear satisfactory but quickly degrade with time. Customers who fall for such traps typically end up paying far more for roofing work in the end, since they need to have repairs made much more often.

The guide likewise recommends that customers focus on certified contractors, as well as those which provide generous, confidence-inspiring warranties. These factors are again typically the signs of roofing contractors in Portland which will provide the kind of long-term quality that is invariably in the customer's best interest. The company's new guide, which delves into these considerations and many more, is available for cost-free perusal at its website.

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