Roofing Doc Expands Service Areas to Include Boise, Idaho and the Surrounding Area

Roofing Doc is a Meridian, Idaho based company that has now expanded its service area to include Boise, Idaho and the entire Treasure Valley, just in time for the fall rush.


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- Roofing is one of the most essential structural components of a home, and protects it from the elements. The roof is constantly under pressure, absorbing the heat of summer, weathering the cold of winter, subjected to rain, ice and falling detritus. As such, roofs are not impervious to damage and can require maintenance and repair. With summer fading, now is the time to identify any problems before winter turns them into disasters. Roofing Doc has just expanded its service areas to include Idaho's capital Boise and the entire Treasure Valley area to ensure homeowners aren't caught out.

This expansion is a considerable one. Originally based in Meridian, Idaho, the company's new focus has seen them make significant improvements to their infrastructure as well as expanding their talented teams of specialist roofers. To offer roof repair in Boise, the company has had to scale up to serve the largest population in the state.

When wondering about the condition of their roof, Boise residents need look no further than the Roofing Doc website, which offers detailed information on how individuals can identify potential problems with their roofs, and includes contact details for a free initial consultation to assess what work may be required.

A spokesperson for Roofing Doc explained, "Winter is coming, and it's undoubtedly the harshest season for roofs. After months of timber expanding and slate being heated by the sun, it will now begin to contract and cool, and this can see splits and other damage revealed or exacerbated in such a way that leaks can be created, which can cause serious structural problems. With our new expansion, we are offering Idaho's largest communities the opportunity to avoid serious issues through the winter with check up and maintenance work. We would always rather maintain and repair a roof than replace one, but we are equipped to do that too."

About Roofing Doc
Roofing Doc is the perfect choice customers in Southern Idaho looking for a trusted, affordable roofing contractor for repair or new installation. In additional to learning about the services offered, users can also learn how to identify issues with their roofs before they become a disaster, enabling money saving maintenance instead of costly repair.

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