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Roofing Portland Experts Reveals How to Spot Unscrupulous Roofers in Portland Oregon

Knowing what to watch out for can save homeowners thousands of dollars, reports


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Roofing scams have become so prevalent in recent years that they have even been featured on local TV news programs, and stories about about how shady roofers have fleeced their customers for thousands of dollars. To help put a dent in the problem, Roofing Portland Experts ( has released several tips on how to avoid some of the scams found in the Portland area. These tips can be found at

"One of the biggest scams going around in our area is the blank contract scam," said Tim Swanson of Roofing Portland Experts. "Instead of listing a price, these contracts just say 'for insurance proceeds.' It goes without saying that these roofers are going to pack that bill with all sorts of unnecessary charges. The homeowner may think that it doesn't matter since the insurance is paying for it, but that's not the case at all. When the insurance company is hit with these bills, they respond by raising their premiums."

The blank contract trick can go even further than this. In most cases, these unscrupulous roofers in Portland Oregon will insist that the insurance company pay before work begins. When a scammer is paid everything in advance, there's a very high chance that he'll just disappear without doing any work at all.

"Legitimate roofers may ask for a deposit to make sure that they don't end up on the wrong side of the stick," said Swanson, "but they'll also give itemized contracts that clearly specifiy all charges. They also won't expect homeowners to just trust them with the full payment in advance."

Another trick going around is the "Door Tag Swindle." With this scam, door tags are placed when the residents aren't home. They promise a free roofing inspection, give a bit of a pitch, and have a number to call. The catch is that they'll demand that the residents sign a paper authorizing the inspection. In reality, this contract authorizes actual work, which, of course, will cost plenty.

"Often, homeowners don't realize what the contract says until work suddenly begins," said Swanson. "These scammers will then promise to work directly with the homeowner's insurance company in order to keep from getting kicked off the property. Of course, they'll then do unnecessary work and pack the bill with loads of charges."

Avoiding that trick is simple, Swanson informs. Homeowners should simply refuse to sign anything until they are actually ready to get roof repair in Portland ( They also shouldn't deal with any company that tries this trick.

These are just a couple of tips offered by Roofing Portland Experts to help people avoid being fleeced when they deal with a roofing company in Portland. Visit to learn of other common scams and tricks to avoid.

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