RoomHunt Now Offering a Way for Renters to Find the Perfect Roommate Situation


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- In major American cities finding a rental property can be a hassle and the situation can be even worse for those looking to rent with a roommate. Luckily, there is a new service called RoomHunt which connects roommates with rental apartments and leads to a process that is easier and that results in a fun and affordable rental outcome. The RoomHunt service is the brainchild of entrepreneurs David Weisburd and Akshay Kumar, who found themselves in the situation of having to find a place to live once they completed college. According to Weisbud, who serves as CEO of the company, “We started the company because finding a place to live and finding the right roommate should not be a difficult process. We had the experience and we were eager to share what we had learned with others in the same situation.”

The story of RoomHunt brings to life that old adage that necessity is the mother of invention, since the website came about after its founders had difficulty finding a place to live in San Francisco. Seeing opportunity in their difficulty, RoomHunt was born.

RoomHunt is the first platform that connects roommates with rental properties. The secret of the website’s success lies in the unique algorithm that expertly matches roommates with the affordable apartments they are looking for.

The RoomHunt site is very easy to use and visitors to the site can choose to look for a roommate or look for a place to live. The site is fully integrated with social media sites like Facebook, so users can integrate their information on that site or input it manually into the RoomHunt site. Once their information is in, the RoomHunt algorithm goes to work and finds the right roommate or right place to live.

One unique aspect of the RoomHunt service is that it allows users to get very specific and search down to the neighborhood level. This is significant because many people, especially young professionals want to live in the neighborhoods that offer the best night life, job opportunities or overall atmosphere

About RoomHunt
Since its founding in early 2013, the company has expanded beyond San Francisco and now serves clients in 27 major American cities in thirteen states. More information is available at The company also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Media Contact: David Weisburd
Location: San Francisco, CA