Now Offering the Fastest Way for Roommates to Connect and to Find Rental Properties


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- has launched and is now live for visitors to use. The innovative new website was designed to allow roommates to connect with each other and with rental apartments. Using the website takes a great deal of stress out of the process of finding a roommate and a place to live. The website was created by entrepreneurs David Weisburd and Akshay Kumar, who thought of the idea when they were looking for a place to live after first moving to San Francisco. According to Weisburd, “The process of finding a roommate in a major metropolitan area was nerve wracking. Not only did we have to worry about finding an affordable and comfortable place to live but then we had the extra worry of finding the right roommate. After our experience we were determined to create a batter way and is that way.”

RoomHunt is a first of its kind site and Weisburd and Kumar spent a great deal of time developing and testing the site so that it would work on day one. Not content to just draw on their own experiences, the two entrepreneurs used over 100 beta testers before bringing their site to life. Before, people new to a particular are were left looking for rental properties and roommates via word of mouth, sites like Craigslist or just plain luck. In many instances, the outcome was not ideal. is set to revolutionize the process of finding both a place to live and someone to live with by letting visitors search a database of like-minded individuals who are also looking for the prefect roommate situation. The website utilizes a unique algorithm that had the ability to first match roommates together and then to match these pairs with the perfect rental property that meets all of their living space criteria.

Weisburd and Kumar understood from the beginning that it is very common for people new to an area, especially young people just starting out, to seek a roommate situation, and those are the people this site is really geared towards. The site itself is designed with the user in mind and presents its information in a very user friendly and straight forward way. Users can choose to either look through the database of other individuals looking for a roommate or the database of properties available for rent.

Each listing provides enough information for the site visitor to make an informed decision. The roommate listings, for example, feature information on the individual’s educational background, their professional background and even in most cases a picture. These listings appear on the roommates home page, but a simple click takes visitors to a more comprehensive description and gives them even more information to work with. The same is true for the rental property listings.

Signing up on the site is a simple process and once registered the user has full access to the site including innovative features like being able to search down to the neighborhood level.

About RoomHunt
RoomHunt has been available for use since 2013 and now has expanded beyond San Francisco to serve clients in 27 major American cities in thirteen states. More information is available at The company also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Media Contact: Gand Almonor
Location: San Francisco, CA