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Root3 Offers the Best Energy Saving Advice and Services


Norfolk, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2015 -- In today's world energy is an utter necessity to main our lives properly and to provide ourselves the comfort and convenience we all are used too of. Saving energy is important in many ways like when energy is saved money is saved indirectly as well as when energy is saved less production is required so its production's pollution is also reduced. All in all saving energy is mighty important now. This is when companies like led lighting solutions come into action that has been providing through their extensive knowledge in this field the best energy saving advice since 20 years now.

Root3 is specialized in trade and supply of high quality energy efficient LED lighting. As stated by led lights for sale, "Root3 offer a host of LED products to trade only customers including LED tubes, LED GU10 lamps, LED fittings, domestic LED lamp ranges, IP65 LED fittings and LED industrial Hi bay & low bay fittings. The majority of their products are purchased from EcobriteUK, their own LED lighting manufacturing brand". Root3 is a member of the Lighting Industry Association and their products are certified to be sold in UK.

They also offer great energy saving solutions advice which is very instructive and helpful. According to them, "their lighting survey is 100% free and customers are NOT required to commit to purchasing anything from them. They will attend to a client's property and survey their current lighting usage and offer an alternative which will save them up to 90% from their existing electricity costs for their lighting. They can if they so choose to purchase the LED lights from Root3 and start saving from day 1".

Their efficient lighting products are designed in such a way that they automatically reduce energy consumption, apart from that the energy surveys that they conduct are also very helpful in a way that they analyze and then guide their customers about where to set their led lighting Norfolk to get most light from the least amount of energy consumption which helps in carbon reduction.

About Root3
Root3 have been working in the energy saving market for more than 20 years now, they offer energy saving services and advice as well as great energy saving lighting products on affordable rates. The major services that Root3 provides include LED lighting advice, energy saving calculation service, design & specification service, Supply lighting direct from the factory and supply on a trade only basis.

Company name: Root3 Lighting Power Energy
Telephone: 0845 430 1100
Country: United Kingdom