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Chance Music Group Presents New Christian Contemporary Artists, Rooted Deep, Debuting New Hit Single, "Give Him Praise"

Impacting Radio Nationwide: JUNE 8, 2012


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- Chance Music Group, owned by David Chance formerly of RUFF ENDZ,is pleased to announce the debut of the new Christian Rock/Pop group, ROOTED DEEP. The group iskicking off the summer with a hot new single, “Give Him Praise”, which is sure to make a mark on the East Coast heat index.

Check out their video featuring their new single “Give Him Praise” at the link below:

Along with a complete listing of performance dates, the group has a new website,, which features their bio, videos, extensive photo gallery, blog posts, contests, and music available for download. More updates, including bios on band members, are forthcoming.

Rooted Deep was established in 2011 by Jeff and Leah Rybak in response to God's calling.

Jeff's hard rock roots began in upstate New York as a lead vocalist and guitarist in many local rock bands.

At the age of 25, Jeff had an encounter with the Lord that moved him into the ministry of a praise & worship leader. His vocals and instrumentation have progressed to become a fusion of rock and pop that truly express his love for what God has done in his life. Some of his musical influences are Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Russ Taff, and Brian Duncan just to name a few. Leah grew up in southeast Virginia in a Christian home and was heavily involved in her church from an early age. It was there she was filled with the Holy Spirit and began performing in church plays and musicals. In her early 20's, Leah became a praise & worship leader and began lending her musical talent to many church choirs and special groups. Inspired by Amy Grant and Martha Munizzi, Leah’s voice has evolved into an eclectic styling that crosses traditional, ethnic, and generational boundaries. In 2000, Jeff and Leah met through the praise and worship ministry team at church. As their love grew, they came together in marriage in 2005. Together, Jeff and Leah are praise and worship leaders at New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, Va. They know they have been called to lead every generation to Christ through music and give thanks to God for the opportunity to be a witness of His love. Jeff's musical influences bring an edge to complement the sweet soulful quality of Leah's voice. It’s that formula of music that has touched lives and encouraged people to turn to their true Kingdom purpose. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confesses, and every nation cries out to the power of His name, the name of Jesus.

About Chance Music Group:
Chance Music Group, LLC is a faith-based music production and recording company based in Baltimore, Maryland with over 15 years of music industry experience. We are dedicated to inspiring people through music with a message of love, hope, and faith. Our mission is to strengthen our listeners to embrace marriage, family, and community by providing high quality production and promotion of music. Rooted in our faith in God, our artists are beacons of Light who are dedicated to taking a stand for LOVE. Integrity, dedication, and social responsibility are core values that contribute to our mission and we understand the importance of promoting a positive message through music. We know that through professionalism and excellence we possess the skills to enhance lives all over the world. We are committed to using the music industry as a platform to help people and their communities.

"Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."-Matthew 5:16.