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Rooting for the Best Roofing Services: Blue Ribbon Roofing Does the Work for You

Roof assessment in Houston, Texas revealed that roof problem is the number one dilemma that commonly overlooked by the contractors.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Statistics show that thirty- three percent (33%) in the pitfalls in construction are roof-related cases, which is the most vital part of the entire house. Other construction problems are from ladder, scaffold and staging. Therefore, roof problems, obvious or unforeseen, are always a pain, undeniably a significant expense and may even cause death.

This is why it is not advisable to just tap anyone when it comes to roofing issues. It is a complicated task unlike cleaning the lawn, fixing the lighting or even simply painting the room that can be done by one’s self. Reggie Marston, President of Residential Equity Management Home Inspections, even attested to the fact that hiring roofing specialists is a guarantee to ensure durable roof.

Blue Ribbon Roofing in Houston, Texas is true to its name and is well- regarded on roofing and other first grade services. Their expertise goes beyond the roof as they offer guaranteed services.

Free inspections, estimates, insurance (which is noted as the most important thing to consider when hiring a roofing company’s services), consultations and roofing leak diagnosis are the primary services being offered by this roofing company. Moreover, they have trained professionals who are opted to designing and installing energy efficient rooting systems. Well, this is something that most homeowners will agree as necessary. Technically, these systems fight the damaging effects of the extreme weather in residential roofs in Houston.

Also, their systems use such products as ridge vent, polar-alum underlayment, Tech Shield Radiant Barrier decking, solar reflective shingles and photo-voltaic shingles that all provide a huge gap in saving money and maximizing the lifespan of one’s roof.

What's more?

On the actual installation, the crew will set up the roof of client’s choice using long- lasting, element- resistant roofing materials. These materials reduce the risk of the roof from being compromised during strong winds. They will also provide the appropriate ventilation, change and reseal all plumbing jacks, and address any necessary flashing. Then, carefully, the crew will collect dangerous scattered metal materials of both the ground and the roof, including any existing gutters using magnetic sweeper. Any loosened vents during installation will be also re-attached. Before the end of project, the crew and the representative will make sure that a checklist is completed which includes shingles, vents, flashing and others.

Meanwhile, before any execution, Blue Ribbon Roofing sends hands-on representatives who will be onsite to supervise and answer any questions about installation.

Root for the best roofing companies like Blue Ribbon Roofing to keep a roof in good condition.

About Blue Ribbon Roofing
Blue Ribbon Roofing realizes that choosing the right contractor for any roofing project can be a daunting task. They make sure that the process is as simple and cost effective as possible. Every member of their staff, including ownership, sales team, and installation crews, have undergone extensive training and testing through Certainteed, North America’s largest shingle manufacturer. Blue Ribbon Roofing is proud to be elite members of the less than 1% of roofing houston companies that have achieved Certainteed’s Select Shingle Master Company credential, the highest level of endorsement offered by Certainteed. Obtaining this credential requires extensive knowledge of both traditional and emerging roofing technologies, as well as a verified record of quality installations.