ROPIX, the One and Only Sports Shoe Designed for Jump Rope Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign

What Does Adriana Lima, Marvel President Louis DeEsposito former Heavyweight Contender Jameel McCline and Hockey Legend Ron Androff have in common? They all wear Ropix! The one and only sports shoe designed for jump rope has launched a Kickstarter campaign.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- ROPIX, founded by Dennis Dwyer, has created the very first sports shoe designed specifically for jump rope. Ropix users will benefit from the first shoe of its kind. Ropix will not only satisfy a sports specific need, but will also provide a new look for the casual footwear and street chic market.

Ropix started as an idea in a boxing gym in 1991. As every boxer knows, jumping rope is an integral part of their training. However, there has never been a proper shoe for it. Years later, Dennis Dwyer decided to create a shoe that would fulfill this need. To ensure the shoes were the highest level performance footwear, Dwyer partnered with expert industrial designer Joe Napurano for a solution. Although Dennis Dwyer had an extensive career in high-end Men’s footwear, he knew it was necessary to find experts in the sports footwear Industry.

The collaboration produced a system that enables the wearer to be light on their feet, provide quick response and protection from injury. This is why Ropix is the very best shoe for jump rope.

After a promising beginning and hundreds of pairs sold, including a few high profile customers, Ropix reached a stumbling block.

The Kickstarter campaign was created after our factory went bankrupt taking with it very expensive sole molds. No chance in retrieving them the molds will need to be replaced. Fortunately a new partner that will produce our shoes in the quantities needed and the quality we demand has been acquired. Now all we need is our new molds to continue our goal in providing the best footwear possible for every jump rope enthusiast everywhere! We are committed to the growth of the sport and to one of the best health improving exercises known.

The Forefoot trainer is a system of materials, design and function. The sole is sleek and smooth. It is lightweight and flexible shoe that is made of a dual density rubber material with soft cushion “landing pad” in the ball of the foot area to dampen forefoot impact. The mid-sole forefoot turbine insert is designed to attenuate shock and is made of soft “bounce” rubber material.

ROPIX shoes are available in lace-up and Velcro strap versions and six color schemes. They are priced from $80 - $90 at retail and

The first shoe of its kind, Ropix will benefit all sports enthusiast who utilize jump rope in their training. Boxers, gym enthusiasts, competitive jumpers and all fitness fanatics.

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