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Roseman University Reimagines Learning with Their Six-Point Mastery Learning Model


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2018 -- Roseman University, a Health Sciences University in Henderson and Summerlin (Las Vegas), NV and South Jordan, UT, implements a unique teaching methodology in their classrooms. This method, titled, the "Six-Point Mastery Learning Model," functions as an exceptionally effective model for ensuring concept mastery and producing graduates that are competent in their field of study.

The six portions of the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model are the Block Curriculum, Active and Collaborative Learning, Competency-Based Education, Assessment Learning and Classroom as Teacher. The Block Curriculum allows students to focus on and master one subject at a time. Students attend classes from 8 am to 3 pm daily with exposure to a variety of learning opportunities, such as engaged discussions and group activities.

Active and Collaborative Learning allows there to be flexibility in the way that a professor facilitates their message and the student digests the material, meaning that students can be more active in their learning than people who may attend a university where classes are significantly shorter or more spread out. Roseman students aren't in class to just listen to a lecture. Instead, discussions, case presentations, simulations, role-playing, debates, group projects and other activities stimulate participation and reinforce learning. The addition of assigned teams encourages cooperation and collaboration that better reflect today's integrated healthcare environments.This system gives way to a unique grading system (or Competency-Based Education) in which students, rather than earning grades, either pass at a 90% or they don't — they are either competent or they aren't.

An individual student's competency is tested in Roseman University's Assessment Learning tenet of the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model. Assessment Learning allows students to get feedback on areas that require improvement early and encourages them to improve in areas of misunderstanding before moving on to new subjects. Many students do this with Early Experiential Learning, where they are located in a clinical setting and get hands-on learning opportunities. The best place for future healthcare professionals to learn is in the field — that's why Roseman offers early exposure.

The culminating point of their Six-Point Mastery Learning Model, Classroom As Teacher, emphasizes mastery to its fullest extent. Instead of focalizing the classroom on the professor, the hexagonally shaped classroom is built to have students in close proximity to the professor while encouraging active participation in the learning process.

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About Roseman University
Roseman University has campuses in Henderson and Summerlin (Las Vegas), NV and South Jordan, UT. They are an accredited non-profit Health Sciences University and have four colleges. These colleges consist of the College of Medicine, College of Dental Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Nursing. Roseman University also offers a Master of Business Administration degree.

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