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Rosen Moss Snyder LLP Providing Legal Representation for Clients with Schizoaffective Disorder Who Have Been Denied Disability Benefits


Jenkintown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2019 -- The short-term disability lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, at the law firm of Rosen Moss Snyder LLP, are committed to helping those facing denied disability claims for schizoaffective disorder receive the benefits they deserve. For over two decades, the law firm has successfully collected short- and long-term disability benefits for individuals with many different conditions, including schizoaffective disorder.

Schizoaffective disorder is a chronic mental health condition with the symptoms of schizophrenia and either depression or bipolar disorder. Some symptoms of this condition include hallucinations, depression, manic behavior, and disorganized thinking. Causes of this disorder can be genetic, stress-induced, or just the function and structure of the brain; however, further study is ongoing. Unfortunately, because it shares the symptoms of a few different mental conditions, schizoaffective disorder is not well-understood by the public, and it is often misdiagnosed or not recognized as a disability, causing issues with employee disability claims.

Schizoaffective disorder symptoms must be monitored closely and can seriously affect an employee's ability to perform daily tasks. When employees with this disorder are denied disability benefits or have their benefits cut short, they are left without the proper medical attention and symptom control opportunities, along with the rest they need to go back to work. At Rosen Moss Snyder LLP, their lawyers take a personal interest in their clients. They work tirelessly to provide the best legal counsel and win appropriate disability benefits for their clients.

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