Rosen Optometry

Rosen Optometry Is Now a Google Glass Preferred Provider

Rosen Optometry is one of the first St. Louis area Eye Care Practices certified to offer Google Glass to its patients. Will introduce local patients to the new wearable technology, and show its benefits for patients faced with deteriorating eyesight.


Saint Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Soon, Google Glass will become a common sight on our streets, although it is still in the “Explorer” stage as Google prefers to refer to its beta testing period. But local area eye doctor Dr. Steven Rosen of Rosen Optometry in St. Louis, as a Google Glass Preferred Provider, will be prepared for what is expected to be a paradigm changing technology when it becomes commercial.

“What really drew us to complete the training and receive the certification was the knowledge of how life- changing the technology has the potential to be for our patients, particularly those with more serious conditions and rapidly deteriorating eye sight”, said Dr. Steven Rosen. “By combining vision and computing technology as Google Glass does, it will enable them to perform everyday tasks that they previously would not have been able to consider without assistance.”

A small screw connects Google Glass to the eyeglass frames and a light, sturdy band wraps around the frames' interior, securing them to the inside of the eyewear. The glasses cannot be folded when Google Glass is attached, and the actual screen displaying Google Glass' images and data does not tilt from its forward position. The voice and touch controlled Android-based apps available for Google Glass will let you tweet out a message, check the news, get directions, etc. And developers are working on new apps as they learn what customers want their Glass to do.

There's no word yet on when Google Glass will move out of the Explorer stage and into the full retail marketplace. And while many are skeptical and are hesitant to embrace such wearable tech one thing is clear- Google Glass is coming.

Dr. Rosen adds, “We’re proud to be one of the first authorized practices to offer Google Glass to our patients, which reflects our philosophy to always provide the latest and most exciting products and services. Google Glass is going to be hugely successful and it's going to change how we see and interact with the world.”