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Roseville Van & Storage Wins Quality Award for Being Great Sacramento Movers


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- Roseville Van & Storage is a well-known and respected moving company in the Sacramento area, having won the prestigious Customer Quality Choice Award from North American Van Lines. This moving company's quality services were recognized with this award, which is based entirely on a series of independent surveys in a number of different categories. The award is given to van agents to recognize their outstanding achievements in customer service. The company's overall performance is measured with a Quality Index.

Some of the different factors that are taken into consideration when determining which company receives this award include sales, the moving and delivery process, and others. Each of the survey questions cover performance in various roles and stages throughout the moving process; the categories include Booking, Origin, Hauling, and Overall.

The Origin category rates the performance of the company's salespeople and packing crew. The Hauling category rates the company's appearance, delivery timeliness, and overall professionalism. Booking looks at the move coordinator as well as the moving process. The Overall section of the survey focuses primarily on the agent's ability to deliver on each of the performance roles.

Roseville Van & Storage is one of the premier moving companies in the Sacramento area, having provided top quality services to thousands of customers over the years. This moving company has established a solid reputation for itself as being one of the go-to relocation businesses in the entire area because of its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction as well as attention to detail. This award was given to Roseville Van & Storage after taking a close look at a variety of factors related to its performance as a relocation company.

This company offers residential, commercial, and senior moving services in the Sacramento area. It is widely regarded as being one of the best moving businesses in the entire area. The award that Roseville Van & Storage received was the result of their commitment to satisfying the needs of their customers by rendering high-quality relocation services of all kinds.

The Customer Quality Choice Award is given to different moving agents each year to recognize their outstanding achievements in the relocation industry. This particular moving company offers award-winning services that have satisfied the needs of countless Sacramento residents as well as many others with both local and international moves.

About Roseville Van & Storage
As an experienced moving and storage company for more than 50 years and an agent for North American Van Lines, Roseville Van & Storage is able to bring to our customers the most comprehensive and "best in class" set of tools, services and resources. Since 1957 we have been one of the county's largest and most successful Sacramento movers—we have the team that gives you the focus you need and deserve. Our team has the experience and proven track record that reveals our service and dedication to quality. This is what makes Roseville Van & Storage so unique and truly differentiates us in how we serve you. We are confident you will find us the partner you can trust.

Roseville Van & Storage
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