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Ross Law Group Releases New Information Concerning Whistleblower Cases provides new details to keep individuals informed and works to ensure clients don't find themselves on the wrong side of the law


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Twenty one federal laws now exist to protect workers, yet many employees and employers do not comprehend these laws or how they apply in particular situations. A good example of this confusion involves Edward Snowden, the fugitive accused of sharing national security secrets. Many believe he should be protected under these laws, yet others feel he committed treason. When there is a question of whether or not one would be protected under the laws, legal advice becomes essential, and Ross Law Group handles cases of this type for those in need.

"The attorneys at Ross Law Group understand employment law and can advise clients on whistleblower statutes and how they apply in different situations. One never wants to run afoul of the law and many feel like they aren't doing so, only to find others disagree. For this reason, legal advice remains essential," Tom Desmond, spokesperson for Ross Law Group, declares.

Whistleblowers receive protection when they alert authorities to possible wrongdoing, such as when internal company policies are violated or local and federal laws are being broken. Some believe Snowden should receive protection as the collecting of personal information relating to the activities of American citizens violates illegal search and seizure. Others believe Snowden was correct in sharing this information with others, yet cite different reasons for their beliefs. However, many individuals feel Snowden put national security at risk by releasing this information.

"As the laws may be interpreted a number of ways, one needs to take care to seek legal representation before sharing information with authorities. Not only does this help ensure the whistleblower is acting within his or her legal rights, it also helps to ensure the whistleblower isn't pressured to recant the accusations by those with positions of authority within the company. There remain times when it's best to not move up the chain of command, but to go outside of the company for assistance," Desmond explains.

The attorneys at Ross Law Group work with employers and employees on a daily basis on a wide range of employment matters. Practice Areas of the firm include business disputes, underpaid and unpaid overtime claims and wage claims, personal injury cases, and more. One finds they have the legal representation they need for employment related claims when they choose to make use of Ross Law Group.

"Contact the firm today for assistance with any employment or personal injury matter. One cannot be too careful when making accusations as people often head to court, rather than sitting down and discussing the matter reasonably. Legal advice has become essential for this reason, so don't delay. The attorneys at Ross Law Group remain committed to resolving problems for their clients, in a timely manner," Desmond states.

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