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The Empower Network, The Right Attitude and an Entreprenurial Mindset Ensure Success


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- Based on which study is being examined, statistics show that anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of businesses fail in the first five years. There appears to be a lack of consistency in measuring the failure rate of businesses, but experts do tend to agree on one thing. Often, the failure results from a lack of funds.

"When one chooses to make use of Internet Marketing Strategies offered by the Empower Network, the risk of failure decreases significantly," Dennis Rossignol of Rossignol Marketing exclaims.

When one chooses to make use of the Empower Network, waiting for a commission check to arrive becomes a thing of the past. Members receive commissions instantly and 100% commissions are collected from each sale the member makes.

The Internet Marketing Company shows entrepreneurs how to increase their chances of success by following three simple steps. "With the insider video offered by the Empower Network, each Internet marketer has the tools needed to take his or her new endeavour farther than imagined," Mr. Rossignol goes on to say.

Mr. Rossignol understands economics and what is needed to make money as seen by the many articles he has published on the subjects. Topics covered include the Federal Reserve and making money blogging.

Those looking to increase their income find Mr. Rossignol a helpful source and turn to him for advice and suggestions. "Internet marketers often struggle to get their business off the ground.

Visit the Empower Network and learn exactly how to achieve established goals quickly and easily," Mr. Rossignol continues.

To begin making money with Internet Marketing Online, a person must have not only the right attitude, but an entrepreneurial mindset.

"Building skills takes time and the right attitude and mindset provide the new marketer with the drive to learn these skills. The Empower Network offers the tools. With these three items in an entrepreneur's tool chest, he or she is sure to go far in the Internet Marketing World," Mr. Rossignol declares.

About Rossignol Marketing
Rossignol Marketing came into existence when Dennis Rossignol chose to become self-employed in 2001 as he wanted to live every day to the fullest with both passion and energy.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Rossignol chose to help others achieve their goals while spending quantity and quality time with his friends and family. The Empower Network helps him to do exactly this.

The Empower Network works to help those brand new to marketing make their first $100 on the Internet. The goal continues to be to help the "little guys" succeed in ways that only the big companies previously could.

With this program, everyone can succeed which is why Rossignol Marketing finds it to be such a great fit with the company vision.