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Router.com Now Provides Detailed Reviews and Information on Wireless Routers


Columbus, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2012 -- Computer network and Internet users are finding indispensable information and reviews on the router from the new website, Router.com. As the newest resource for router reviews, news, history, and discussion, Router.com is the perfect place to find an honest, unbiased opinion of a certain router or router brand, discuss the technical aspects of routers in their forum, or learn about the history of routers and the technology they use. Router.com is also working on providing some interactive tools for the tech community, along with public forums. They will be accepting applications for moderators and authors as well, so feel free to contact them if you’re interested.

Like computers and the Internet, wireless routers have become indispensable tools of 21st century communication. While most people understand that routers are devices that use data packets to connect multiple computers across a network, few can easily discern the best among the market’s many choices. The new and comprehensive website Router.com finally clears the air with detailed unbiased reviews of the top wireless router brands as well as articles, news, history and discussion on these indispensable devices. “The website is intended to be the definitive source for people to learn about the specifications as well as pros and cons of the top wireless router brands, their history, and design to help them make informed purchasing and use decisions,” said a Router.com representative.

Each of the wireless router reviews features an overview, features and specifications, built-in software, general usage and performance, the pros and cons and a final verdict from the reviewers. The website has information on many router brands including Asus, D-Link, HP, Linksys, Netgear, CLEAR Spot and LG Ericsson. Website visitors can search by manufacturer, specific router, Best Gaming Routers, Dual Band Routers, Single Band Routers, Featured Routers, High Performance Routers, Wireless Hotspots, Standard Use Routers, and Wireless N.

Readers can learn about the history of the router, its uses and development over the years. The website gives information on the different types of routers such as Core routers, Edge routers and others. Readers can also learn how they work via detailed articles that discuss router technology and general features of today’s routers such as solid-state storage, faster package forwarding, IPsec encryption, reliability and more. “We have also created an online forum so that site users can interact, ask questions and share knowledge on routers and their experiences,” said the representative. For more information, please visit http://www.router.com

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