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Row Against Cancer with TriForce CrossFit Grand Opening on January 4th, 2018

TriForce CrossFit of St. Augustine, Florida is holding their grand opening along with a benefit to help fight cancer with $1 donated for every 1k rowed from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 4th. Donations will go to Lynch Syndrome International. The ceremonial Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting will be at 4 p.m.. The article also talks about how TriForce’s approach to CrossFit is unique with integration of physical therapy and nutrition.


St. Augustine, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2017 -- TriForce CrossFit is officially opening its doors on Thursday, January 4th and welcoming anyone in the community to stop by and help row for cancer. For every 1k rowed during the grand opening between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. $1 will be donated to Lynch Syndrome International toward helping to fight cancer.

TriForce CrossFit Ribbon Cutting at 4 p.m.

The Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting will be at 4 p.m., so please come be a part of history, jump in on one of our scheduled classes, and then hang out for snacks and drinks after the last class.

CrossFit Workouts, Physical Therapy and Nutrition All in One

TriForce CrossFit is the only CrossFit box (gym) in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area to offer CrossFit classes designed by a doctor of physical therapy paired with integrated access to a registered dietitian.

Both TriForce's doctor of physical therapy and registered dietitian will be present to answer any questions about TriForce's programs. Both are also certified CrossFit trainers, offering a unique integration of nutrition, CrossFit and physical therapy.

Achieving New Heights in Fitness, Strength, and Overall Health

Physical therapy, nutrition and CrossFit workouts all work together to create a sum that is greater than the individual parts. Having access to a physical therapist is also of paramount importance for making sure to approach CrossFit in a way that is safe for you and your body, as each person has developed their own unique weaknesses throughout bad habits over time.

As people get older it becomes all the more important to be aware of those weaknesses and tendencies and actively address them before they become an injury.

The integration of physical therapy and nutrition with your workouts is what helps anyone to go above and beyond what they thought was possible. Chris Davis, a doctor of physical therapy and certified CrossFit coach, helps to make sure clients can do their workouts safely and know what they need to do to continually improve their bodies so that they achieve new levels of strength, fitness, and agility.

About TriForce CrossFit
TriForce CrossFit believes that access to CrossFit coaches that also have backgrounds in physical therapy and nutrition is something unique that everyone interested in achieving better health and fitness can benefit from. Founder Chris Davis is a doctor of physical therapy and certified CrossFit coach, and his wife and co-founder Megan Davis is a registered dietitian and certified CrossFit coach. Chris and Megan were inspired to start their own CrossFit box (gym) by their desire to help others achieve the best fitness, overall health, and strongest version of themselves possible so that they can attack life and live it the way they want to. Without limits.

Chris and Megan strive to make their CrossFit programs available to people beyond just their immediate community by offering video classes that can reach across the nation.

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Location: St. Augustine, FL
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