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RoxyLean by BPI Sports Now Offered at Exclusive Discount on eXplicitSupplements.com


Amherst, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- eXplicitSupplements.com, an online retailer of numerous popular supplements, is now offering the medi-biological weight loss product RoxyLean by the renowned BPI Sports at an exclusive discount. Focused on offering highly demanded supplements at competitive price, eXplicit Supplements is currently providing discounts on numerous products which can be ordered online via their website.

“Very Powerful”, “Cutting Edge Fat Burner” and “Remarkable Effect on Weight Management” are some of the phrases which are being used to describe the popular fat burner RoxyLean which has now become one of the most popular products by the worldwide supplement provider BPI Sports.

RoxyLean is so strong and fast acting that BPI Sports has stressed the importance of consulting with the physician first before consuming it. Many fitness enthusiast who are taking RoxyLean have stated that it is the most powerful weight loss supplement they have ever tried and may not be suitable for everyone and it is without a doubt very effective.

This effectiveness of BPI RoxyLean is due to its exact ratio of ingredients which have been methodically chosen to offer a long lasting weight loss experience. Apart from the fat loss support the supplement has also shown in many cases energy support and promotion of clarity & focus. Comprising of Thiamine, Niacin, Roxy Blend and many other key ingredients, the supplement aids in weight management in most comprehensive of manner by ensuring that the consumers have sufficient energy & clarity while losing their weight.

Previous priced at $47.99, eXplicit Supplements is currently offering RoxyLean at a discounted price of $29.95 for 60 capsules or 2 months of supply. eXplicit Supplements has an express shipping procedure with most orders being sent within 24 hours. Free shipping for all orders above $49 is being provided by the company as well.

Other than RoxyLean, eXplicit Supplements is offering many other fat burners at discounted prices such as ‘B4’ another very popular product by BPI Sports, ‘Fitmiss Tone’ which along with weight management also controls blood sugar levels, boosts immune system & moisturizes hair and skin, ‘Garcinia Trim’ by Biogenetic Laboratories based on the often considered as the breakthrough natural ingredient Garcinia Cambogia and many other effective supplements.

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