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Royal Beard Club Announces the Launch of a Variety of Facial Beard Products for Men

Royal Beard Club launches a wide collection of beard oils and other beard care products for men. These products are made with good quality ingredients and are not harsh on the skin.


Babylon, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2016 -- For ages, many men have been emphasizing having a well groomed facial beard. The reasons vary from a mere attempt to be a center of attraction at various social events to sporting a new look. The company's beard oils facilitate natural growth of facial hair and enable men to experiment with various styles and cuts. There are various brands that sell various types of beard oils at competitive prices. The Royal Beard Club is one such company that sells a wide range of beard oils and other related products. For more information about their products, readers can visit their website at

One of its well-known products is the Royal Pine. It constitutes of a perfect blend for any man who loves the fresh outdoors. This premium blend smells like the aged cedar wood and a fresh cut Christmas tree. Like other beard oil blends, it contains natural high quality oils and complex solutions to promote hair growth, gives a sleek shine, controls itchiness, and comes with a kick that leaves an incredible fresh aroma. Its beard balm products have also been popular and are intended to help customers in strengthening their facial hair besides moisturizing the skin underneath. These balms are quite thicker than the regular oil and are easy to apply.

The company also offers a Big Beard Royal Comb that is made from pure bamboo and is useful for combing the facial hair. In order to maintain full thick beards, customers can also opt for the Royal Wide Tooth Mini Beard Comb. The wide tooth of this comb helps in keeping the facial hair in perfect shape. It offers an opportunity for men to experiment with different shades and styles. The brand uses finest grade blends of premium oils like Argan oil, JoJoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil etc to manufacture quality beard oils and related products.

The brand also features various tips on its website about how to use these products and obtain healthy and shiny facial hair. It also offers suggestions regarding the process of growing beards naturally and quickly and having the desired stylish appearance. All its products are quality certified and can be quite useful for maintaining and trimming the natural facial beards. People can use its online shop to purchase their products and get them delivered to their doorsteps.

About Royal Beard Club
Royal Beard Club is a specialized manufacturer of beard oils and related products. The brand is presently featuring a wide range of oils that aid in natural growth and strengthening of facial hair.

To know more about the products, customers can log on to its website

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