Royal Financial Investment Group Encourages Youngsters to Invest in Their Favorite Brands

Owner of the Royal Financial Investment Group, Prince Dykes is of the opinion that the young community must consider investing in their favorite brands which can give them a secure, stable and a bright financial future and also explains the paradigm as to why the rich get richer whereas the poor get poorer.


Waynesboro, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2014 -- It is not uncommon to see most of the young community splurge on big brands and buy the best of clothes, phones and even coffee as it elevates their status in the society. Besides, very few are even aware of the concept of investing in shares until they reach their late 20s or early 30s. This is where they may go wrong. All of their favorite brands of clothes, coffee, shoes and accessories can cost them dearly, however, the corresponding shares of the company are considerably cheaper and these big labels with global appeal tend to experience an increase in the stock market every consecutive year.

Therefore, within a period of a few years, the young community will end up with a massive amount of savings up their sleeve which will help secure their financial future. One need not be an expert in the field of economics or finance to understand how it works and this YouTube video, which has been directed by Lee Coleman explains exactly how they can make smart choices. The video briefly but effectively talks about how it is wise to spend one’s money on a famous brand’s shares as opposed to splurging on their products with a brief explanation as to why the rich tend to get richer while the poor get even poorer. They can either spend a massive chunk of their savings on buying expensive jewelry, bags, clothes and sneakers to show off to their friends or they could get a little more mature and instead consider investing in these brands that will, in turn, give them better returns.

People have always been known to complain about the fact that the rich tend to get richer while the poor continue getting poorer. The main reason for this is the simple fact that those who are rich tend to invest smartly and into those things that they know will appreciate over a period of time thus making them richer while an average consumer tends to invest in menial material belongings like vehicles and jewelry that tend to depreciate over a period of time.

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