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Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing Enlightens Readers on How Top Chicago Tattoo Artist Quori Senyon Turned His Love Into a Career


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- Tattoo artists can be found in abundance these days but one thing that tends to stand out in a very gifted one is talent, for sure. Many tattoo artists had the vision but it was Quori Senyon who ended up becoming one of the greatest tattoo artists in Chicago. The story of the popular tattoo artist is rather an astonishing one as his main source of inspiration comes from Disney movies. Right from his childhood, the tattoo artist loved watching Disney movies and even when his grandmother could not afford to spend on other things, she made sure to always provide her grandson with VHS copies. From Pocahontas to Belle and many other gorgeous Disney characters, the tattoo artist drew them all to perfection.

Currently, Quori Senyon is 32 years old and works at the prestigious Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing that is located in Chicago. From his early days till now, the now-established tattoo artists still draws the Disney characters he loves so much. Initially, Quori Senyon wished to become an animator but after learning more about rich and thick pastel colors in high school, he realized that it was exactly what he needed to do. “Aloha” was the name of the animated concept that was created by Quori Senyon because of his interest in Hawaii and its rich culture. Quori Senyon grew up in Back of the Yards and Lilo and Stitch was created in 2002, his Hawaiian animated project finally was closed down. However, that did not stop the tattoo artist to create more beautiful work and projects that were worth a lot of money.

After the passing of his grandmother, Quori Senyon was recruited by Royal Flesh in 2011. A lot of people end up getting horrible tattoos but now they can have it fixed as well. Quori Senyon’s work can be found online at He gets requests for tattoos of all kinds since he is known to bring almost everything to life in such a way that it looks spectacular as a tattoo. All those who are interested in getting the tattoo of their dreams from the highly talented Quori Senyon are recommended to visit Royal Flesh Tattoos and Piercings at the earliest convenience.

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