Royal House Solutions Launches New 18 Inches BBQ Wire Grill Brush on Amazon


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2015 -- Grilling is undoubtedly one of America's favorite cooking traditions. It simply means hanging out at the backyard on a beautiful day cooking a good food directly over a source of dry heat for the family. People who love grilling have their own secret recipes and treasured equipment.

That's why Royal House Solutions is happy to announce to Amazon customers a newly released, uniquely designed 18 inches Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Wire Brush that comes with amazing bristle surface design. This innovative, thickly woven BBQ Grill Brush is tough, durable, light-weight, safe and has a long handle that was designed to protect customer's hand from getting burnt.

The iTENSE Grill Brush by Royal House Solutions is a 3 in 1 sided brush with stainless steel bristles that is stronger than brass which makes it provide stress free cleaning and a clean healthy eating. Boasting a 360o spiral bristle design, this innovative product is considered a must have for any self-respecting grilling enthusiast. The company is coming up with 25% off with a coupon code, XHLEBHE4. This offer will be available for a limited period of time.

The iTENSE Grill Brush has been designed for the purpose of cleaning BBQ grills with the least amount of effort, and does this through the use of its strong stainless steel bristles. The designers have confirmed that the product is "the ideal size for optimal use" when cleaning a grill and that is also easy to store away. The brushes also come with an easily three cleanable head, with an efficient triangular design to allow for easy cleaning from any angle and a perfect gift idea because it comes with free storage gift bag.

This product has been created for people who make use of a barbeque grill. It is composed of stainless steel bristles that aids the user in keeping the barbeque grill clean and totally free from dirt and charred food remnants. They can use the best BBQ grilling brush with ease due to its manageable attributes. The product truly captures the interest of people tired of old grill brushes and it supports them in keeping their barbecue grill clean.

This unique BBQ grill brush is recommended for all types of grill surfaces. It works impeccably with Ceramic, Weber, Porcelain, Char-Broil, Gas, etc. and also keeps your grill looking sparkling new! Watch video at:

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At Royal House Solutions, we are dedicated in making the best quality grilling utensils to match our outstanding customer service satisfaction. As such we have made our new product from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure that they last. Sold exclusively on Amazon, BBQ Grill Brush by "ROYAL HOUSE SOLUTIONS" can withstand both weather & heat conditions and will not bend or break like some other products on the market, with the new flagship product is our new "iTENSE Stainless Steel BBQ Wire Grill Brush". Visit us at:

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