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Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii's Big Island Talks Destination Weddings

Article by Hawaii's Royal Kona Resort talks about the increasing popularity of destination weddings


Kailua-Kona, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Destination weddings have gained popularity in recent years, and it's no wonder: due to the influence of magazines, television shows and social media, weddings have become increasingly seen as a way to display creativity, personality and - let's be honest - flash some money. Going away on a trip to seal your vows at a different latitude is the ultimate celebration of a milestone, which is why in 2012, up to 24% of American couples chose to marry at the end of the rainbow that's created by jet engine vapor. This is an increase of 4% in as many years.

There's even better news: as the tourism and hospitality industries have developed, going away on a destination wedding has become ever more accessible to budget-conscious couples. Here at Royal Kona Resort, we know that a five-figure wedding blow-out may seem extravagant to many young couples who have had to make life plans under a cloudy sky, and this is why we have made an effort to bring our visitors great packages and savings deals that make a tropical getaway on Hawaii as affordable as it is fun. Today, couples can shop great airline deals and Hawaii destination wedding specials that will give them plenty of flexibility to organize a wedding ceremony, while saving a great deal of money on airfare, accommodations and more.

Royal Kona Resort in Kailua-Kona has a long history of welcoming marrying or just-married couples, and in a recent article, we have highlighted the appeal of our Resort for couples on any budget and any lifestyle. The article discusses the services and perks a couple can expect at Royal Kona, as well as offering a number of tips on proper destination wedding planning.

The article notes that one of the most important aspects of getaway planning is communication with guests and family far in advance. Giving attendees up to and over a year to schedule time off will give plenty of opportunity to work out conflicts and select a firm date.

The article goes on to discuss the advantages of group air ticket deals and other wedding planning tips.

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