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Royal Lahaina Publishes Article on Enjoying Your Maui Family Vacation

Article by Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui talks about the range of activities that you can indulge in once you arrive on Maui’s shores.


Lahaina, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui is releasing a series of articles on its website on preparing for and enjoying a Maui family vacation. Based on recommendations by resort staff, the articles try to introduce visitors to some of the activities that await them on Hawaii's second largest island.

Last month, we talked about ways to make planning for Maui family vacations into an activity that will bring you as little stress and as much enjoyment as possible. This month's article talks about the range of activities that you can indulge in once you actually arrive on Maui's shores.

Our article describes the diversity of Maui's natural environments, which include shallow ocean lagoons, deep sea abysses, mild beaches, lush jungles and austere mountain summits. All of this is in addition to the many man-made facilities where you can shop, eat, drink and have fun. With such a wealth of choices, no matter what you and your family members like to do for enjoyment, there will certainly be some activity that you can all agree on.

Aquatic activities are as numerous as they are spectacular. You can go snorkeling in shallow pools, or, if you have diving experience, go on a scuba expedition to explore a colorful coral growth or interesting undersea formation. If boating is more your speed, you can rent a powerboat and strike out on your own to go cruising, fishing or just riding the waves. If you happen to get to Maui between the months of December and April, you can also take a whale-watching tour and experience first-hand the delight of seeing the Earth's biggest creatures passing by within feet of your boat.

The article goes on to describe some of the interesting things you can do on dry land. Maui boasts one of the most scenic drives in the world - the highway that loops around Mt. Haleakala is the famous Hana road, where you can drive for miles with nothing but the brilliant ocean on one side and the jungle-covered mountain slope on the other. It is truly a sight to behold and an experience to cherish.

These are only a couple of the great activities on an island replete with them. Some of the others that our article mentions include ziplining, hiking, visiting Maui's famous aquarium, running through the purple fields of the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm, and many more.

With the choices available to you, every Maui vacation - not to mention, every Maui wedding, business outing and sports excursion - can be a unique and personal experience. If you are wondering how to spend your vacation, wonder no more - come to our site and reserve an all inclusive Maui vacation package today!

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