Royal Lahaina Resort

Royal Lahaina Resort on Kaanapali Beach Highlights Family-Friendliness

Royal Lahaina Resort on Kaanapali Beach is the ideal place to spend a Maui family vacation - from our exciting luau to relaxing beachfront cottage accommodations, your kids will love it and so will you!


Lahaina, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Royal Lahaina Resort sits in the middle of Maui's world-famous Kaanapali Beach, like a pearl at the center of an oyster. The Resort has a diverse clientele, since it has attractions that appeal to travelers from every walk of life - newlywed couples that want to spend a honeymoon in one of the world's most romantic spots, as well as couples that want to tie the knot there; nature lovers who want to spend most of their time hiking the forests or swimming with Hawaii's sea creatures; connoisseurs of fine seafood, tropical fruit and Hawaii's famous coffee brands; business travelers who want to relax and schedule meetings at the same great location.

Royal Lahaina has a particular appeal to traveling families, especially families with small children, which is the subject of our latest article. The article highlights a number of the ways Royal Lahaina is the perfect place to spend a family vacation on Kaanapali Beach.

One of the biggest draws for our visitors has always been the spectacular daily Luau. For people unfamiliar with the word, it's a traditional Hawaiian feast, which features not only a delicious spread of authentic Hawaiian food, but also a full-blown performance of island song, dance and even more esoteric crafts such as fire dancing.

The food alone is worthy of its own write-up. That the table buckles under the weight of choice seafood goes without saying - after all, it's one of Hawaii's great claims to fame. Mahi-mahi (baked or grilled tuna), lomi salmon (smoked salmon prepared in the traditional way, with onions and tomatoes) and shellfish compete for your attention with tender pork prepared in an authentic underground "imu" oven (for people wondering if pork is a recent innovation in island cuisine, you may be surprised to learn that pigs were brought to Hawaii by some of the island chain's earliest Polynesian settlers, and have been a local staple for many centuries.)

With respect to accommodations, they are no less luxurious; our rental cottages are particularly appealing to families that need a bit more space and easy access to the beach. To find out more about this and many other options, click through to read the article; afterwards, you will surely be tempted to visit our site and reserve your Maui family vacation package today!

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